10 Famous Social Networking site for build connection

Social Networking sites are the best platform to create a connection with peoples. Users can create individual profiles, interact with many people like friends, relatives, love once, etc. and meet with people based on shared interests. Anyone can create their profile and build connections in a social community with the help of social sites. In this era, billions of people are active on social networking sites, either social networking app.

Many people always choose the way of Social networking to connect and communicate with each other. Any age group people can create a profile on a social networking site. More than 2.6 billion people are using social networking sites and apps.

Here we will discuss Top 10 social networking sites-


Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world. Millions of peoples are active on Facebook every day. Facebook is the best way to connecting people from all over the world. In this platform, people share the photo, stories, real-life experience, etc. Also, you can chat with friends. Facebook best for business branding, sell the product, etc. you can target audiences easily on the Facebook platform. Facebook is creating a Facebook app also, which is used in mobile devices. Users download Facebook lite for their mobile at play store.


Twitter is a famous social networking site. Twitter was launched on March 21, 2006, and has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. User shares their real-life experience, photos, and text tweet on the twitter wall. The user easily creates a connection with other people. In this social media platform has more than 320 million peoples are active monthly. Entrepreneurs can use Twitter to interact with prospective clients, answer questions, release the latest news, and also targeted ads with specific audiences.


Watshood is one of the best and famous Social networking sites. On this social platform, people create their profiles individually and interact with others. This social community is allowed building a connection for personal or business use.

Any user explores Watshood on the mobile device. Watshood is the best way to get and spread any information for the neighborhood and our surrounding area. Users can share and receive real-time, view, stories on the post section in their Watshood account. You can easily download the Watshood social networking app on your mobile device.

Website: watshood.com
IOS: https://apple.co/2NwItzD


LinkedIn is one of the leading professional social networking sites or apps. Around 400 million peoples are using LinkedIn. It is used all over the world. This social networking website is available in 24 languages. LinkedIn is the best way to connect with people in similar industries, networking with local professionals and displaying business-related information, statistics, and much more.

5- Instagram


Instagram is an excellent social platform. This site allows you to share a wide range of content, such as photos, videos, stories, and live videos on your profile wall. Instagram provides IGTV for longer-form videos. This best for long timing video uploaded.


WhatsApp is the trending social networking app. More than 1 billion people use WhatsApp. This app provides instant text messaging, documents, audio and video messages services to WhatsApp users. WhatsApp user communicates with their family and friends and loves ones by using WhatsApp. Many people create a business account also for their business branding.


Tumbler is one of the most exciting microblogging & social networking sites. People share a wide range of things like quote posts, chat posts, video, and photo posts, as well as audio posts. Tumbler is also hosted more than 200 million blogs. David Karp founded this social networking website in February 2007.


8-Tik Tok 

Tik Tok is famous for the music video social network site. Around 500 million peoples are using Tik Tok. This app is most downloaded in Asia. Users can upload and make record videos up to 60 seconds, edit them, and add music and special effects.


Reddit is the best Social networking site. Users create their profiles and submit content such as direct links and text posts. Reddit Users are also able to determine their post position on the site’s pages by upvoting submissions or downvoting submissions. A businessman efficiently promotes your business on the Reddit platform.


Pinterest is the top 10 social networking sites. Around 100 million users registered on this platform. A user creates a board to pin their content. Pinterest is the best platform to target audiences for small business promotion.

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