2020 Election- who is running for president

The Iowa caucuses are about a year off, which indicates those planning to join what promises to be a busy 2020 presidential campaign field are starting to formally announce their candidacies. 

From previous Vice President Joe Biden to fizzled 2018 Texas Senate hopeful Rep. Beto O’Rourke, theory proliferates about the wide field of potential Democratic hopefuls.

And there’s always the potential for a Republican appearing to challenge President Donald Trump from the first or a 3rd party candidate appearing in the general election. John Kasich, a former Ohio governor and fierce critic of Trump, has hinted he is considering all these options. 

Here’s a breakdown of the individuals who’ve taken measures toward or formally declared their candidacies. 

Kirsten Gillibrand 
Kirsten Gillibrand, a NY Democrat, started her campaign for the country’s highest office Tuesday night, January 15, on CBS’ Late Show with Stephen Colbert, telling the late night comedian she would file to create an exploratory 2020 committee later Tuesday night. 

At a clip released by CBS, Gillibrand said she would run a campaign that emphasizes health as a human right, enhancing public schools and enhancing job-training programs. 

“I’m going to run for president of the US because as a young mother, I’m going to struggle for other individuals’ kids as hard as I fight for my own,” she told Colbert. 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren 

The two-term Massachusetts senator declared in December she was forming an exploratory committee, the initial step a presidential hopeful takes before formally declaring. 

Warren, 69, came into the national spotlight because of the passionate critique of Wall Street, the banking industry and massive corporations after the 2008 financial crisis hit. Then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid appointed her the chair on a board to oversee the federal bailout in response to the catastrophe. 

Warren won her Senate seat in 2012, defeating incumbent Republican Scott Brown and conveniently won re-election in 2018. A leader of her party’s liberal wing, she is advocated for innovative policies such as “Medicare for all” 

Julian Castro 
The former San Antonio mayor that also served as secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the Barack Obama administration threw his hat into the ring, announcing the formation of an exploratory committee in mid-December and formally declaring his candidacy on Jan. 12. 

Castro, 44, made a splash six decades ago as the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention in 2012. The grandson of a Mexican immigrant and son of a Latina activist, he’d be among the youngest candidates in the field and the most outstanding Latino. His twin sibling, Joaquin Castro, is a Democratic congressman from Texas.

Tusli Gabbard 

Tulsi said on CNN that has made a decision to run for president and will be making a formal announcement soon. 
The Hawaii congresswoman was chosen in 2012, becoming the first Samoan-American and the first Hindu member of Congress.

John Delaney

You might not have known about Maryland Rep. John Delaney, yet he’s been a 2020 presidential hopeful since July 2017.

Delaney, who established two traded on open market organizations, joined the House in 2013. He said his battle will be cantered around working up foundation to keep the U.S. all inclusive aggressive, alongside universal duty change and a more prominent grasp of movement.

Richard Ojeda

Previous West Virginia state Sen. Richard Ojeda, a resigned Army paratrooper who served visits in Iraq and Afghanistan, declared his application after a fizzled battle for a U.S. House situate in the 2018 midterm race. Ojeda says he will guard regular workers Americans and end Washington debasement.

He originally increased national consideration when he was assaulted and severely beaten at a crusade grill amid his fruitful keep running for the state Senate in 2016.

President Donald Trump

Trump petitioned for re-appointment the day he was introduced, and his battle as of now has raised $100 million and started airing TV and computerized advertisements. He has said he expects to keep Vice President Mike Pence on the ticket. Up until now, no Republicans have developed to test the president in the essential.

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