5 Best Online Digital Marketing Courses

Running a business in this competitive era is a confronting task. With the huge expansion of the internet worldwide, more and more people are looking for an online digital marketing course to make more money.

Undoubtedly, an online marketing expert needs to be creative in his approach, but creativity is not the last thing that determines his success. There are various other aspects he needs to be master. In other words, the combination of marketing skills with information technology is a key to mastering the field, and only a good digital marketing course can help a professional to cope with the completion of industry.

There is a lot you can do online, so choose wisely!

There are several digital marketing courses available online, some are free and some of them you have to purchase. Enrolling in a digital marketing course has several benefits. Digital marketing courses are high in demand these days as it helps to attain the necessary qualifications for being a skilled professional.

Best Online Digital Marketing Courses

Many best digital marketing courses use that use refined digital media and information technology to help one prepare for marketing their products & services. The course together with its theory and practical aspects helps one gain a good understanding of marketing principles and other relevant specialist areas.

1.Google Digital Garage

Certification: Yes

Cost: Free

Duration: 40 hours

This is one of Google’s free digital marketing courses. It has different access to online digital marketing courses. What it will cover – topics related to building an online strategy & online advertisement business promotion, networking skills & business security enhancements.

This course helps beginners and who are planning to get a start in digital marketing. As the name depicts, the course will guide you about all the Google tools and the basics of digital marketing. There are 26 modules included which you can explore and the whole Digital Garage offers a range of Digital skill tutorials. You can even get a certification for this course. Learn this online digital marketing course for free!                                         

2.Inbound Digital Marketing Course – HubSpot Academy

Certification: Yes

Cost: Free

Resources: 7 Modules

This free digital marketing course is to learn the basics of inbound marketing offered by HubSpot academy. Start with creating a blog post; you will become an expert in practical knowledge of applying a customer market approach. You will also get official certification and badge!

As the inbound market is all about content and the term is used to describe a funnel design to attract capable customers into a business. This online digital marketing course makes you skilled with the designing concept of content to attract knowledgeable plans that will further become new leads.  What you will learn with this digital marketing course – inbound technique and flywheel as the root part of any inbound business, the technique of creating a buyer persona and get involved in its journey, setting business goals & steps to run a successful inbound marketing push plus driving sales. 

3.Wordstream PPC University

Certification: No

Cost: Free

Resources: 11+ Articles

PPC University is a free online digital marketing course created by Wordstream which is a leading online platform. It is good to learn paid search marketing and aims at helping the experts to build their PPC & digital marketing skills. PPC University is a partner with Google and Facebook marketing.

Assigning the advertising budget to get results for any online business can be a complex task as the loss of money can’t be compensated with anything. PPC University is an online advertising agency that concentrates on the search marketing topic with the help of its tools and software. What you will get to learn with this is – searching process of relevant keywords, calculation quality score for your ads, the process of setting up Adwords account and conversion rate optimization. It has a very easy to follow format!

4.Alison Marketing Courses

Certification: Yes

Cost: Free

Resources: 5 Modules

Duration: 2-3 hours

Alison marketing course is good for beginners or self-learners who are keen to learn at their trot. This free digital marketing course includes many types including digital marketing. Learn the basics of marketing with Alison!

The major topics being covered in this online digital marketing course is – social media marketing, marketing management, digital marketing and public relations. But this course does not provide any video lectures and instead has presentation form topics. With this course, you will become a knowledgeable expert about the role of marketing in business, marketing strategy collaboration, implementation of marketing components into an effective strategy. You can also discuss any questions with fellow learners in this digital marketing course.

5.Google’s Academy for Ads

 Certification: Yes

Cost: Free

Resources: 8

This online digital marketing course covers the topic of display & search ads and it is available on Google Digital Garage for everyone. Either you are a beginner or expert, you will get the benefit of this online course.

What you will learn? How to create vibrating ads for the audience & how to drive conversions for your company or business. You will also learn about the concept of mobile marketing with this free digital marketing course. The major highlight of this course is that it allows the learning procedure directly from Google. Some other interesting topics being covered are – setting up and analyzing Google Ads, activating & measurement of customer-centric marketing and preparing for the programmable marketing statistics.

As digital marketing is very broad and vital, it keeps on changing with respect to its concepts. Now your singular duty to remain updated is by learning these online digital marketing courses.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, digital marketing manager, owner of small or large business, to maintain the business success, you need to stay on the top of digital marketing trends. And for this, you must have knowledge of digital marketing which can be accomplished though the best digital marketing courses available on the internet.  You are free to select any of the above listed courses anytime and get yourself skilled in digital marketing.

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