5 Best Tax Software you can Use in 2019

If you are submitting the taxes on your own, the correct right tax program is very essential. You can save yourself some money if you find the correct software for taxes. Every tax software has some benefits and features and you can easily choose which has the most one. Try to go for the software that is easy to use. No more need to do your taxes manually with paper, calculator and pencil and deal with the online process which is easiest. If you are handling this project by yourself for the first time, below is some of the best tax software to use in 2019.

1. TurboTax

This one of the best software will make you confident about your return and it comes under the top picks. It is not only easy to understand, but also have step by step instructions for the customers. After the snapshot process, it helps you with key questions during the whole process and has a real-time audit risk disclosure, refund ticker and users can have access to take help from live chat with an expert. What makes Turbotax software the best one is its excellent user experience and choice of tax topics. Some additional features are a detailed interview and the final review and also provide live video support from experts. It also has some negative points regarding the help of non-expert users and the uneven location of help topics. The bottom line is that it offers a detailed analysis of tax forms and agenda with great user experience but the help system needs improvement.

2. H&R Block

This comes under the runner up position and has free support offering through phone or email and also has the facility of face to face consultation as well. The major benefit of this software is that it gives excellent user experience along with clear navigation. It allows you to file both communal and state returns without any cost. You can also pay home or student loans with H&R block software and it also provides broad inclusion of tax topics with best helping tools and a detailed return review. It does everything as the former one but at less cost and gives a very tough completion to TurboTax. Though it also has good reviews but is not always best in analyzing your answers, it lacks in linear navigation and collaboration of topics in one. As a summary, it is broad and very easy to use tax service that helps e-filers with the best user experience and help options.

3. TaxAct

This software is cheap and has good navigation tools. Along with this, it also has a good user interface and provides help through phone and email. It offers a price lock guarantee and has a detailed analyzing process with an excellent mobile experience. It has some drawbacks too like some of the help links lead directly to the IRS documents and it has expensive per-state filling. Also, some of its tax topics are shifted to the pricier tiers. TaxAct software efficiently supports the online tax preparation very efficiently for new as well as the existing customers. But this is still quite complicated to use when to compare to the former ones. Also, it does not offer a free desktop version anymore, so if you are interested to prepare your own taxes and want to store data locally, it is the cheapest option.

4. TaxSlayer

It is also a cheap approach that supports all the major IRS forms and agendas. It has W-2 import from the providers and provides help through email and phone with a good informative base. It is a kind of alternative to the former ones as it offers an easy to use deduction guide followed by instructions for every step and guaranteed maximum refund. It has a quick file option but has some limitations too. It offers weak content-sensitive help and unpolished user experience. Moreover, the tax-return review is also not productive in testing and the mobile apps are also incomplete of this TaxSlayer software.  Though it is an economical tax preparation service that keeps on improving on a regular basis but on the other hand, its context-sensitive help is poor and the user interface lacks in polishing.

5. FreeTaxUSA

This software provides a fast and free communal e-filling along with a detailed site outline. The software has bendable navigation and provides content-sensitive help as well. The user will have an excellent mobile experience with this software but also let’s discuss its cons as well. It does not include any start-to-finish interview option, doesn’t have any life events feature and can’t import W-2s or 1099s.In all, it is a powerful online tax preparation service which let the user e-file the federal tax returns free of cost but you need have to pay a modest fee for state filling and extra support.

With the right free tax software, you will save time, money and your efforts as well. Discover which software works for you to the best and get the premium version for that.

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