6 Best Places to Travel Alone

There are many of us who are date travelers for exploring the world, but then there are others who prefer to travel alone. Some believe that travelling along is the only way to go. The advantages of solo travel are endless-go wherever and whenever you want, do whatever activity by spending a little amount of money. If you believe in travelling alone to explore the world, choosing the right destination is important. Not only you will get an exciting and incredible experience, but you would be able to prepare your travel before going. From beaches to mountains, countryside to hiking, there are multitude options for solo vacations which a person can enjoy to get a thrilling experience.

Here are some of the best places for solo travel.

1.Costa Rica

Costa Rica 

One of the best places to travel alone is Costa Rica. Situated in Central America, Costa Rica is a great travel destination if you are in search of adventure sports as well as a peaceful breakout. The people here are friendly and you will soon be familiar with the location. Costa Rica is popular because of its tropical climate and diverse culture. What you will experience here is wildlife, natural beauty, gorgeous beaches, and beautiful mountains. One of the most popular activities here is canopy tours or zip lines while other are surfing, hiking, kayaking, horse riding etc. Costa Rica has nice accommodations, great food variety & great climate. If you plan to travel here, make sure to visit Jaco beach! You can enjoy doing surfing, relaxing by taking sun bath there. What extra the place has for you is plenty of seafood dining, tourist shopping and appealing nightlife. Also make sure to visit Pura Vida  Gardens with waterfall to experience flowers, gardens & plants. Must include this into your list!

2.Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

It is among the best place for solo travel and there are many points to justify that. Iceland is a beautiful country and you will have more options to explore in summers.  You can make a short trip to Greenland as well. Reykjavik’s nightlife is fully exotic and is full of bars & pubs. You can try out some of the local variety of food there. Apart from this, it is one of the safest place to travel alone in the world having huge population. Here, in summers, the sun doesn’t set, so the things always remain lively because of energetic music scenes. Many of the travelers, either solo or date, keep roaming on the streets of Iceland which you will meet. There are many interesting places there that you can visit! You can go to Tjornin lake to relax, National Cathedral which is a very small sized church. You can have spectacular view of the entire city at Perlan. Don’t miss the Imagine Peace Tower which is a memorial to John Lennon. The memorial is a tower of light projecting into sky.



 The beautiful city is surrounded by dignified mountains and is curled up on the shore of Lake Wakatipu. Queenstown  has special atmosphere and is a compact & sophisticated area that will definitely offers you something. Wandering on the streets of Queenstown will allow you to discover the hidden boutiques, shopping malls and unique art & craft shops that makes this city a shopping paradise for shopping lovers.  It will also fill you with adventure if you are an adventure seeker. From bungee jumping to wine trails, jet boating to slogging through untouched rainforests to dining out to skiing, Queenstown has package of fun and adventure. Queenstown is also a perfect place to discover fine wine & excellent vineyards. No worries if you are not big lover of wine, you can absorb the beautiful scenery of the trail there. Explore the history of New Zealand by dropping into the Lakes District Museum!

4.Toledo, Spain

Toledo, Spain

This place has many places of interest for solo vacations. The great river which crosses this city is blessed with rich vegetation surrounded with mountains & forest. Along with this, there are many museums, places of historical importance and beautiful countryside.   This is all what makes this place a must visit for solo travel.  What you can visit here is Museum of El Greco, Museum of Santa Cruz, Museum of Foundation Duaque de Lerma and many other museums. The kind of tasty food you will get here is roast meat & stews. There are many other places which you can visit in Toledo like Plaza de Zacodover, Cathedral of Toledo, The Alcazar, Puerta Bisagra etc. There are many places which will give you a rich feel and if you do not have any money concerns, you must check out the luxurious Palacio Eugenia de Montijo which is a marvelous palace. At Toledo, you will find surplus of shops on streets  to buy. There are many statues of the leaders too. A must go place!

5.Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Venice is a great place for solo travelers where you can stay for couple of days. Interestingly, the place do not have any roads and filled with canals instead. This will bound your attraction to the place. Until you have had gondola ride on the Venice canal, you have not ridden anything in life! It will give you an amazing experience which you can cherish for lifetime. Italy is considered one of the best places to travel alone as it gives you the pleasure of very fine music while having gondola ride. Moreover, the glorious sight of Venice is magnificent which gives you a romantic experience. The city offers delicious seafood, wonderful art & architecture.  Make sure to witness the Venetian Glass Blowing and taking a long walk along the Grand Canal while visiting Venice.  The other major visit of Venice is The Piazza San Marco which makes the place a worth visit. You can discover the diverse area of the city and enjoy a thorough introduction to the city of Venice.

6.Leiden, Netherlands

Leiden, Netherlands

Calm and gentle are two adjectives to define the land of Netherland. The people here are known for their hospitality & friendly behavior and one always feel comfortable here during their visit. You can rent a bike to have view of the beauty of city. What other amazing things Netherlands has are tulip fields, canals and admirable gabled houses. There will be add in magic if you experience this view by riding a boat in the canal. Leiden has many of historical things to see which you will love as a traveler.  You can explore various  canals accompanied by numerous cafes & bars.

Hope the above mentioned list will help you to make selection of places for solo vacations. Every place has its own specific places, features which you can explore and enjoy. So what you need to do now  is pack your bags and go ahead to any of these!

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