8 Technology Trends to learn in 2019

We all know that technology is growing so quickly and as a result, we need to revise ourselves too. The indications of the new movement go outdated before it gets published anywhere. The careers based on these technologies also get replaced with the changing trend of technologies. So a person keeps on learning the new if he wants to be updated professionally. He should be aware of the trending technologies to learn for the future or the skills he wants to be an expert in.

Let’s discuss the trending technologies to learn in 2019 in detail because the present is the time to update and train you.

1.Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a new trend that is changing the view of work criteria and has created a buzz already. It includes the designing of machines that act like humans, which means us. The machines are made to perform human brilliance and tasks like the perception of images, voice and making decisions. This technology can do all these tasks with speed and more accurately compared to humans. In early times, the applications of AI include personal associates for home or smartphones, glide services and many more. It is also used to lineup trains and other money saving tasks. AI is present everywhere today, either in your smartphones, into cars, into the home or into bank formulation.

2.Machine Learning

It is another inventive field to learn as it is among the commercial skills to learn. You have already heard about Siri or Alexa which is a part of machine learning. It has applications in almost every industry including health, education, finance & many more. Also, the very popular Netflix also uses machine learning to give suggestions to its users. It is also considered as a subdivision of AI. The computers are programmed to gain the things which are not programmed into them earlier. They further learn by detecting the patterns and observation from the data. This includes two types of learning, one is superintended and the other is free. Its applications have a wide area in data analytics, data mining and pattern perception.

3.Robotic Process Automation

Robotics is another trending technology to learn for the future. It is the use of software to robotize the business process like explaining applications, transaction processing, data dealing etc. It automates the continual tasks which humans d, not only for low-paid but for high-paid as well. RPA offers great chances to IT professionals including development, project management, analyst, consultant and many more with good packages. It generally allows you to automate repetitive tasks and don’t need to write code again & again.


was basically invented for Bitcoin currency and offers surveillance which is very useful. The data which you can add to is referred to as blockchain, or in other terms making a chain of data without changing the previous blocks. The main plus point of it is that you don’t need a third-party to legalize transactions. For this, it is used for cryptocurrency and protecting crucial information. It has a bright future in the health field, elections, real estate and law administration.  There are many job options in this field too from development to managers, analyst etc.

5.Virtual reality & augmented reality

Both of these terms are a protracted reality and let the user experience a virtual world that doesn’t actually exist. VR drenches the user in a non-real environment whereas AR intensifies the environment. Earlier, VR was only used for the gaming section, but it is a great tool now for practice or training sessions that can’t be achieved in reality. Various fields like health, marketing, manufacturing have started taking up these both. If you wish to land in these sections, the good news is that they don’t require any prior experience or knowledge of it and you can easily grab it.

6.Internet of things

Internet of things
is basically connecting multiple devices and establishing a virtual network where everything works with a single controlled center. Nowadays, many of the devices like cars, home devices are connected to one single center and data is transferred over the internet. It is a huge network of connected devices where all the data get shared about each other. With IOT, we can even lock our doors remotely, operate ovens remotely and it can operate mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines and almost everything. Now, what benefits can IOT provide?  It can help in better safety, efficiency and will help in decision making for almost any kind of business which requires data analyzing. If you want to build a career in it, you should have knowledge in cloud computing, data analytics, automation, and Iot security.

7.Cloud Computing

As almost all the current businesses are migrating to cloud solutions, cloud computing has grown a lot in a few years. It is somehow related to the edge and making way for it. All of us are aware of the Amazon web services which work on cloud computing concept. The major services they find with it are the delivery of content, the database storing, networking and many others. Cloud computing is one of the most trending technologies of 2019 as many of the other technologies are in the picture only because of the procreation of cloud computing technology.

8.Big Data

Today, many of the companies rely on big data to maintain the details of their customers, researches of products & marketing initiatives. It deals with the problems of processing and storage of different types of data. The 2 main famous frameworks for the solution of big data problems are Hadoop & Spark. It’s time to start collecting knowledge of big data.

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