Amazing Hair Tips Every Girl should follow for Fabulous Hair

We all are struggling to have good hair one or the other way. Every girl is fantasized about getting great hair, but due to the busy schedules and working habits, we can’t get enough time to take care of them. Hair requires complete care and attention but we often ignore them. Dreaming for good hair is not wrong but there is much to do other than using expensive shampoos and chemical products to get lustrous, shiny hair. No matter what your hair type is, these commandments will definitely help you in getting perfect and luscious looking hair throughout the year: Stay Loyal to one Brand Most of the girls keep on changing shampoos and other hair products from time to time but that is not recommended at all. Once you find a shampoo that suits you and your hair type, stick with it only as it will provide proper nourishment and make your hair look pretty. Changing hair products will not work best for your strands. Apply Oil once a week That naanimaa’s champi is always perfect for your hair. Oil keeps your hair healthy and lustrous. A gentle massage of oil locks the moisture from root to tip providing you smooth, soft and tangles free hair. Apply oil at least once a week to nourish your hair. Cleanse your hair gently In order to keep your hair healthy, you first need to maintain your scalp healthy. Wash your hair twice or thrice in a week using a shampoo that is perfectly suitable for your hair type. This will help in keeping your scalp and hair clean while protecting them from dandruff and damage. Avoid excessive use of heat tools Styling hair has become a part and parcel of every girl’s life whether it is a college- going or a working girl. But using heating tools to style your hair can cause

damage and make them unhealthy. More use of heating tools increases split ends and snatch their shine and smoothness. Try using no-heat styling methods or apply heat protective serum while using heat tools.
Eat right diet No doubt external care is necessary but providing internal care by eating the right food can do wonders to your hair. What you eat plays a prominent role in keeping your hair healthy and luscious. Add food to your diet that is rich in iron, protein, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc to get healthy and happy hair.
Limit contact with direct sunlight The UV rays from the sun cause great damage to your locks; it can cause dryness and affect them badly. To keep your strands shiny and smooth try using heat protectant serum and limit your time being in direct sunlight.
Condition your hair Don’t forget to condition your hair every time you shampoo to moisturize and get tangle free hair post hair wash. Try using silicone free natural conditioners which are free from harmful chemicals. Moreover, conditioners help to regulate the keratin content in hair ends that increases the length of the hair and makes them healthy. Trim your hair regularly To get rid of split ends, the biggest road blockers too long, lush hair, it is very important to have regular trims. Even you have a good growth of hair; this regular exercise helps your hair grow faster through the removal of damaged ends that cause hair breakage. Say a big NO to hot water Hot water showers causes immense damage to your locks while damaging the skin and harming the growth of hair. Always use lukewarm or cold water in order to protect your hair from the bad effects of hot showers.

Hope these commandments will really help you and will surely make heads turn!

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