Amazing Health Benefits of Almonds for Your Brain and Body

Almonds are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber and a home to number of health benefits. they are the most popular tree nuts, just a handful of these nutritional nuts a day helps prevent weight gain, increases brain power, boosts energy and raises metabolism and assist in fighting diseases like diabetes and various types of cancers.

Nutrient Profile of Almonds:

Almonds are rich in supplements like vitamin E, dietary fibers, omega 3 unsaturated fats, and proteins. Some believe that almonds can be viewed as the next big ‘super food’ because of their tremendous nutrient profile. They’re high on protein so they keep you full for longer and they’re rich in manganese which strengthen bones and control blood sugar. They’re incredibly useful for those with blood pressure problems and also support muscle and nerve functionality.

Health benefits of Almonds

Almond butter has significant antioxidant properties due to the presence of vitamin E that helps in protecting the tissues from oxidative damage. Moreover, it helps in flushing out toxins and replenishing nutrients for cell growth and repair which is the vital part of our body.

Energy boosters
Almond milk is a certified protein diet for athletes and gym-freaks that need protein rich supplements and nutritional energy drinks before and after every workout. Substitute this with a regular drink to get a longer and fitter life.

Improves brain power
Almonds are so far considered as a supplement to increase your intelligence. Since your childhood you have seen your mother soaking almonds and giving it to you while leaving the house in the morning to eat because these provide you the brain juice. Moreover, almonds contain phenylalanine, a brain boosting chemical that increases cognitive functions.

Strengthens bones and teeth
Almonds being the good source for calcium and phosphorus, these strengthen our bones and teeth. In spite of this, almonds are rich in other nutrients that provide bone mineral density and strengthen the skeletal system.

Enhances digestion and metabolism
Almond milk contains some secret traces of fiber which is known for its digestion enhancing benefits. Thus, almond milk decreases the problem of indigestion that flush out unwanted and unhealthy toxins from the body which further increases the metabolism of body.

Increases mental and physical alertness
Almonds are rich in muscle building proteins; they fix damaged ligaments and tissues resulting in muscle improvement, hence increases physical alertness. Moreover, the potassium in almond milk contains electrolytes which boost memory increasing mental alertness.

There are numerous other benefits of almonds that can save you from many diseases.

For type-2 diabetes

An unbalanced diet is the most causative factor in type2 diabetes, an addition of nutrient rich diet can reverse some of the harmful changes. Almonds have a glycemic index. They aid in decreasing the after meal escalation in the body offering control in glucose and insulin levels. Hence, consumption of just 60g (about 2 ounces) of almonds daily for four weeks showed reductions in insulin resistance, fasting insulin, and glucose. 

For heart disease

Almond are associated with improved levels of blood lipids hence intake of almonds improves cholesterol and HDL due to the unsaturated fat present in them and helps keeping heart diseases far away.

For eye health

Carrots have been the best known food that benefits the eyes however; almonds are too good for the same purpose. Almonds are incredibly beneficial for proper functioning of our eyes as it helps in repairing smallest blood vessels present in our eyes which are exposed to damage when our eyes are exposed to numerous chemicals and toxins.

Raw Almonds vs. Soaked Almonds

Soaked almonds are considered far better than raw almonds in terms of providing health benefits. Choosing from the two is not just the matter of taste however their nutritional value also differs a lot.

Try including 10-15 almonds per day in your diet to enjoy health benefits from such a nutritional product.

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