Bad habits that make you look older than your age

Markets today are inundated with the products that promise to reverse the effects of aging. It’s all because of the fact that millions and millions of people in this globe are scared at the prospects of getting old and as a result they have prompted the manufacturers to give a rise to a vibrant skin care industry where there are numerous products that people use blindly in a hunt to look younger. Getting older is a natural process and it is completely inevitable, one can delay through efforts but can never stop it. However, other than being it natural phenomena, there are certain things people incorporate which tend to make them old earlier. It is quite impossible to look younger forever, but you can prevent yourself from a premature aging. We often encounter some people that look younger in their 60’s and some look older even in their 40’s. This all depends on yourself, if you wish to have youthful looks; you must leave those bad habits which are responsible for making you look older. So nix these bad habits from your lifestyle to stay young. Being skinny This is a natural impression that you look bigger when you are overweight. When you are skinny and have more weight than a normal human being of your age should have, you are more likely to look older than your age mates. Not keeping an eye on your weight is the worst habit people incorporate in them. So, watch your weight and get to know what all are the things that are making you get more weight. Consult a doctor for more serious increase. Cheating on sleep Skin goes for a renewal state at night. It is essential for concentration, complexion and energy. Along with its repair process that goes well at night, it lets the aging products penetrates better into the skin at night. Fight insomnia by making a strong decision in your mind to have sleep of 7-8 hours a day. Try to avoid all the barriers that distract your sleep. Sipping out of a straw

If you have a habit of drinking tea, coffee, juices or sodas with a straw just because you don’t want stain on your pink lips then you are probably inviting the fine lines which are a sign of premature aging. In the long term, pursuing such a habit causes extra wrinkles around your mouth. Stressing 24*7The non-stop formulation of stress hormones because of your worries results in premature aging. Our body does a remarkable job of healing itself but it needs to be relaxed to do so. Anger, stress and holding grudges wreak havoc on your skin and body. The stress hormone, Cortisol, breaks down the collagen present in the body which results in skin sagging and wrinkles. So, figure out what help you relax, and do it regularly. Lack of physical activity A sedentary lifestyle usually invites numerous health issues and one of them is that you will be age faster than you should actually be if you will not include any physical activity in your daily life. Being physically active, your muscles work out providing you a good physique that will make you look younger. So go for a daily morning walk or join a gym for regular work out sessions to remain young.Smoking You might be aware of the harmful effects of smoking, it attacks lungs, hair, skin and teeth that results in numerous diseases such as cancer and lungs damage. Despite of all these problems, smoking is the cause of premature aging too. The person who smokes looks 5 years older than the one who don’t smoke despite being age mates. Try to quit smoking by first minimizing it. Other than the listed reasons there are many more that makes you look older than your actual age such as eating too many sugary foods, sleeping on your face, using wrong skin care or anti-aging products etc.

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