Benefits Of Using Promotional Products For Your Business

Times are changing and everything is advancing these days. Things are getting faster and developed and many traditional means of marketing are dying and getting outdated except for the use of promotional products. Promotional products are those free gifts or goodies that you get from different companies and businesses. Products that carry the company or the brand’s logo or text on them. For example, when you open an account in the UnicreditSpA or in Intesa Sanpaolo, you get free goodies from them such as pens, notebooks, mugs and etc. These items have the bank’s logo on them and remind you of the bank every time you use them.

Now when you know what promotional products are, here are a few benefits of using promotional products for your business.

1. Promotional products increase brand recognition

No matter how big or small you are, the main objectives for any marketing plan are to increase the brand or business’s recognition. Everyone wants to get ahead of their competitors and stand out. Promotional products really help in doing so. They are tangible goods that the recipients regularly use which etch the brand logo in their brain. They constantly get reminded of the brand whenever they are using the products and also get a positive feeling about the brand. These products simply give your brand a stronger presence and personality and create brand recognition and loyalty.

2. Promotional products offer high Exposure at very Low Costs

Let’s face it; marketing can really take a toll on your wallet and get super-expensive. When you start to use all the marketing mediums like social media, television, radio and print media you costs would just go through the roof. Promotional products are the perfect fix for this. You’ll be surprised at how reasonable marketing through promotional products is, and not just reasonable, it has amazing results as well. It simply offers an amazing rapport qualitià-Prezzo. Their prices are low are they are mass-produced and because they have a long life they keep receiving a lot of impressions and keep promoting your business for a long time.

3. Promotional products are way better than your typical business cards

Business cards are a valuable staple for every business, but let me ask you a question. When was the last time you got a business card? Chances are that if you got one a week or two earlier you wouldn’t even remember it plus it’d be lying around somewhere, destined to not be used. These business cards although have important information but simply don’t stand out. A person would never use the card until and unless he or she takes the card himself, whereas promotional products are simply on a whole new level. People simply love promotional products and will keep on using them. Research tells us that 6 out of 10 people use promotional for up to 2 years. Told you they were way better than business cards.

4. Promotional products increase leads and generate more sales

Promotional products are way more than just branding tools. They are excellent lead generators and have the ability to generate greater sales. As you may know by now (we mentioned in the previous point) 6 out of 10 people use promotional products for up to 2 years and some people like me use them for even longer. Not only the people using the promotional products remember your brand the people who see the promotional product being used also get to know about your brand or company. If interested in the services you offer they will automatically think of your brand and will approach you when the need arises. This way it creates new genuine leads automatically which are relevant to the goods and services you offer. For example, I was walking home the other day and stopped over at Les Vignerons to get some classic wine. The shop was full of people and 2-3 of them were wearing caps that had the logo of Olive Garden (a famous restaurant chain). I bought my wine, chatted with Antonio (the owner) for a bit and headed out. I reached home and was a bit hungry so I and my wife decided to order food from outside. I picked up the phone and unknowingly searched up Olive Garden’s phone number and ordered food from them. You see what happened? Because I saw the Olive Garden logo again and again in the liquor store I automatically thought of them when I wanted to order food. Their promotional product generated a new lead and also got them a sale. This is the power of these cheeky items that can really put a boost to your business.

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