Best Digital Marketing Tools You Need to Grow Your Business

Online visibility coupled with certain effective digital marketing tools play a central role in setting up the perfect working scenario for clients and entrepreneurs alike. Digital marketing tools are resources and techniques that can be used in an online business to attract, engage and conversion of huge customers. But what exactly is digital marketing and what are its connotations on the financial aspects of a business.


If you are new to an online business, or even not, there is always confusion for every business prospect about the different digital marketing tools available for the business growth. People often awe which to use and which to ignore. You can face some troubles in the existing online business as well in terms of undesired results. Some of the digital marketing tools are much effective that you must use them for the business growth. Let’s discuss them in individually.

1.HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot offers various tools to help in your business growth and is available in free to a specific amount, depending on your plan. Some of its tools are free. HubSpot not only enables you to govern the content but it also let you track social media emails and lead connection as well. What you can achieve with HubSpot marketing is to cultivate the traffic, lead conversion and proven ROI for inbound marketing campaigns. It also helps in reduction of deal cycles and improvements in close rates.


Ever heard of this digital marketing tool? This tool helps to improve the website traffic and you will get it paid. It works great for competitive analysis and you will be allowed to examine who is linking to your opponents. Some of the industry experts have termed it as one of the best link building tools. The amount of detail it extracts from each link is unparalleled and you can even gather visitor traffic from each link. This tool will help to gather link data, analyze and prioritize aspects.


It is one of the best known plug-ins for SEO. This is one of the best digital marketing tool when comes to business growth as it is used to increase traffic on a website. This plug-in helps to optimize content for search engines by focusing on keywords to rank better. One more thing this plug-in gauge is the readability of page. You will get this Yoast plug-in free for WordPress but the paid plans are based on the sites you want to monitor.

4.Canva Business

Canva is a design platform where you can drag-and-drop images to create different layouts. It allows you to create images using custom pictures, icons, shapes and fonts. You can make logos of your brand, presentations, thumbnails, images or graph as per your need. With this tool, you don’t further need any experienced designer for the visuals. The plan of this tool starts for free and ends up with custom pricing.

5.Google Adwords

We all heard of this term!! It is one of the best digital marketing tools to advertise your business on the result pages. One can make a lot of money with Adword advertising. This tool hosts Google Keyword Planner which gives an idea of the relevant keywords you can include into ad or other content. You are also allowed to set budget depending on the money you want to invest. It displays your services on the top of the result pages for very particular queries.

6.Google Analytics

A completely free digital marketing tool offered by Google used for the analysis of a website in detail. You will get to know the traffic, source of traffic to website, visiting time, track events to get more details about the user engagement. It is a kind of tracking service to keep record of web site’s success on organic as well as paid search results. Most importantly, you will observe the reaction of users on your site and do changes or implementations accordingly.


This digital marketing tool allows you with free email marketing service and social advertising to robotize the campaigns. The tool starts with free plan and range up to a specific amount. With this tool, you can get record of the campaign generated traffic and allows you to design, send email campaigns with a simple sign up. It is a great tool with perspective of audience engagement which leads to high business growth.


A collective workflow management system tool which is designed to assign projects within a team. The success of a project is not a result of an only individual’s efforts but requires teamwork. This digital marketing tool allows you to do several things including mapping out deadlines of project, assigning tasks to members, project visualization, project reports and many other team tasks. You can keep track of each project’s success to achieve the results collectively.


This digital marketing tool is used for social media posting and offers analytics to posts as well. The price range is free at start and goes up to a specific amount. The value preposition it offers is great and you can easily get started with this.

There are many of the tools available for you to take your business to a next level and it is up to you to where to focus at initial stage. Each and every digital marketing tool will work for the growth of your business somehow and only you need to decide which of the tools will work for your brand and able to meet ultimate goals in future. You can use any of the above mentioned, free or paid, depending on your budget convenience.

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