Best Place Ideas to Celebrate Christmas 2019

Christmas is the most awaited festival and holiday season for people around the world. The whole month of this festival makes people busy drawing schedules for shopping, ordering gifts for loved ones, etc. In addition to this, many people prefer to go on a vacation with families to witness Christmas celebrations on a grand level.

Are you planning for a Christmas vacation this year? There are many phenomenal Christmas holiday destinations where you can have an amazing festival experience in 2019. For better utilization of your holidays, we have come up with some great ideas for this Christmas season.

Best Place to Celebrate Christmas 2019

1. Malta

If you have any plans to travel during Christmas, exploring Malta can be a good option. What makes it best is the visit to nativity scenes which attracts many visitors every year. You may enjoy sunshine weather with clear blue skies during the festival. The residents of Malta let the public view holy crib confections. Malta is a Roman Catholic Nation which obviously makes you realize the religious effect there. The place gets filled with a lot of decorations, festival activities & events, tradition & ceremonies during Christmas.

The residents totally love the festive vibes! Parish churches there hold various Christmas concerts, handmade nativity exhibitions & fundraising fairs as well. You will eyewitness the cordial atmosphere with decorated streets, clubs & restaurants, and late-night shopping crowds. You can have a blast with your loved ones here during the holidays.

2. New York     

New York has many amazing things to offer you during this Christmas season. From open-air holiday markets, family shows to many other exemplary traditions, you can have an outstanding time here. You can enjoy Radio City Christmas Spectacular, The Lights at Saks Fifth Avenue, Christmas markets, carriage rides in Central Park and much more. If you love winters, this place is for you! Enjoying cold weather and ice skating gives a wonderful experience to visitors.

In New York, there is the world’s famous Christmas tree at Rockefeller Centre, which is the centerpiece for citywide Christmas display. The decoration, lighting, and snowfall during the Christmas period stupefy the visitors every year. In simple words, there is no place in the world like New York City during the Christmas holidays.

What are the Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas

3. Lapland, Finland

Santa Claus is like the heart of the Christmas festival and if you wish to see Santa almost everywhere, Finland should be your place. Being the popular holiday destination in Finland, Lapland is not only a winter wonderland but is also a home of Santa himself. Christmas is celebrated at a grand level in Lapland. In almost every city of Finland, you will enjoy stunning Christmas Markets, Christmas lights on streets and traditional celebrations at its best. Tourists with their families gather at this place to spend a good holiday time!  

In addition to Santa Claus, it is the home of endless reindeer too.  Lapland holds a big business of Reindeer gathering and the Reindeer attracts are the perfect visiting activity for travelers. Make sure you visit the largest city – Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland to enjoy excellent luxuries and various winter activities.

4. The Vatican, Italy

While the stunning Vatican City amazes tourists throughout the year with its beauty, Christmas time comes with a magical period.  The whole city gets a fancy view and adds some extra beats with roasted clichés on every corner. If you are willing give your Christmas a formidable experience, explore the beauty of this place! You will be dazed with the immense culture and religious significance of the place witnessing the palatial Christmas celebrations. Be a part of the most important liturgical tradition in the Roman Catholic Church by attending Midnight Mass at St. Peter Basilica. 

The Christmas Mass is one of the few times when the visitors are guaranteed to see the Pope. You need to plan in advance as it is the most-watched Christmas Mass in Globe. Moreover, the nightlife gives you an amazing experience which should not be missed. The city ensures that the memories of Christmas remain with tourists for a long time.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

It is another good option to have a grand Christmas holiday!  Either you are planning a trip with friends or family, the destination never fails to amaze tourists. During this time, Amsterdam gets a beautiful view of Christmas trees, decorations, and colorful lights combined with beautiful canals. The light festival of Amsterdam is another attraction which is an annual event during the winter holidays. The light artwork exhibitions, which give a modern touch to the traditional landscape of Dutch, catch every tourist’s view.

Fond of food? You can enjoy tasty delicacies during Christmas. While roaming in the Christmas markets, you will find some snacks as well as Dutch sweets. Activities like Ice skating are mostly enjoyed by winter tourists in Leidseplein and Museumplein. Boat cruises in the canals of Amsterdam, Swan lake ballet for classical ballet lovers and best traders for shopping facilities make the place a must-visit for holidays.    

Final Verdict: All of the places make you experience something special during the Christmas festival. Every destination has its own traditions and rites which will give memories for life and make your festival more special. Don’t rush for final bookings! Make sure that you make advance bookings if you are planning to travel to any of these destinations during the Christmas holidays.

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