Top 5 Best Website Builders to Make an Amazing Website

If you are a business owner, you would be clearly familiar with the need for an attractive, stirring & clutter-free website to give it a strong internet presence. No doubt social media has become a valuable source to get your message out, but for a realistic portrayal of your brand or organization, a good website is also required.  Building a website has come a long way from the past era to the present one. As a result of which, website builders software has become the favored choice of business owners to design a promotional website for their brand.

But why to opt these website building platforms?

Website builders allow you to present your business or services easily & professionally without even having coding skills. Website builder software offers an ideal solution for both individual & business owners to start a website. No need to hire a special developer at all! Also, it works astoundingly for beginners, especially those who don’t have many skills. Additionally, using a website builder really is as easy as it sounds and many of the best website builders services offer free options too.

There are many best website building platforms out in the market you can choose from depending on their storage, bandwidth and site options. Let’s have a look at each of them in detail.


Pricing: Starts from $12 & $18 per month (Website)

$26 & $40 per month (Online store)


Squarespace is considered as a best-prepacked design and is one of the prominent website builders. It is easy to use and perfect for do-it-yourselfers. You can make changes yourself, quickly and easily. From offering great designs to the best themes of any website builder, it also has other excellent features. It has the best blogging, podcasting, audio players and photo galleries as compared to others. The editor of Squarespace has a good amount of add-ons, website templates, tools, and universal-style editor. It is strongly recommended for small to medium-size businesses due to low transaction fees. Factors that make it a good option to choose are – Responsive website editor, responsive customer support, and upfront pricing, and easy comment managements, clean & user-friendly interface.

Pros: Beautiful & responsive designs, deep selling capabilities, great helping & analytical tools. It is a safe & robust platform to grow your business. You can use multiple templates for a singular site which are fully editable. Content can be added to it very easily, its eCommerce plan allow you to convert your store into the online store.

Cons: Limited integration offering with third-party service, limited payment processing options, confining templates, no free level. Apart from this, it lacks a third-party widget marketplace.


Pricing: $14.99/year; $7.99 per month (.org)

$4 per month for personal, $8.25 per month for premium, $24.92 per month for business (.com)


WordPress is best for bloggers. It is one of the most popular website building platforms of all time. There are 2 versions of WordPress available – self-hosted (.org & .com). The editor of is very easy to set up and offers everything required for blogging. As compared to others, it is a non-intuitive drag & drop website builder. The self-hosted WordPress for website building has more features, scalability & ease of use. WordPress website building allows you to have control over your website, and it is a free & open-source website builder. As compared to other website builders, you will need a WordPress hosting account and host your own website which is an easy task. Considering the price options, website building with WordPress doesn’t cost much to the user.

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Pros: WordPress website building has some good points to consider – you will have complete control on your site, WordPress can be used for building any kind of website. Be it an eCommerce store, a social networking site, membership site, community forums, etc. While building a website with WordPress, you can use numerous pre-made WordPress themes for design purposes. Some other features are – drag & drop page builders, access to WordPress plug-ins, accessibility to create multilingual websites & low price.

Cons: By taking control of your website, you need to be familiar with a new system. It simply means that there will be a modest phase of learning at the beginning which doesn’t go well with every user. Keeping track of WordPress & plug-in updates, creating back-ups can be a hectic task for few.  Though it is a free website builder, you still have to buy a domain name & web hosting. 


Pricing: $8 per month for paid, $12 per month for pro, $25 per month for business

If you want the easiest to use website builder, Weebly should be your choice. Everything inside Weebly is simple and forthright! It offers some of the superb options as per your requirements. Weebly website builders offer many great designs, elegantly organized page builder to make edits on your website without any technical skills. It offers a simple, easy to use & do it yourself editor, a large site creating accessibility, unlimited storage, site portability, and powerful online store capabilities. It has excellent eCommerce and one of the best membership systems as compared to other builders. Easy to use editor, low learning phase, add-on & design flexibility makes Weebly the best website builders. You can also add new features like language translations, paid memberships, powerful tables, etc into your website with the help of App Center it holds.

Pros: No software installation required! As Weebly is a fully hosted platform, you do not feel the need of managing software. They take care of the hosting of the website and software management running in the back-end. In addition to this feature, you will find an opulent variety of website designs with the editable features.  Some other in-built features are for contact forms, sliders, photo galleries, etc.

Cons: While building a Weebly website, you will be locked to their features.  This is due to the fully hosting aspect of the website builder. In simple terms, no new functionality can be added to your website. Also, Weebly charges some amount of fee every time an item gets purchased from your store. To avoid this, an upgrade to their business plan is required.


Pricing: Domain for $9.16 per month, $14.95 per month for the combo plan, $26.25 per month for eCommerce plan


Wix is another popular website builder that is the best website builder overall. For users who want a rigid control, give Wix a try! Having a great number of tools, capabilities & freedom, it is cloud-based website editor software. Wix website building is quite an easy process and requires very less amount of effort by the user’s end. The unstructured editor offers to let you drag and drop elements at any place on a page. It offers a basic free plan in which you can create a website starter site with ads.  What more Wix offers is – a high range of theme variety, great features, and App market with more features & integrations. Wix covers the full ease of use spectrum by offering an AI-fueled automatic website creator. It works best for the users who want to be free from restraints. Whatever you like, you can do with Wix. Wix website building allows you to create your own customized site.

How to Make a Website with Wix?

Pros: Wix website builder is a fully hosted platform, so you don’t have to pay for hosting. It has hundreds of templates that a user can use for business as well as other uses. Rich web-store features, exceptional support, mobile-site building tools. Free and paid apps are also available at Wix to install on the site. Wix plans also offer free SSL, limited bandwidth and storage with free Wix plans.

Cons: It does not have any built-in statistic features. Also, the sites don’t use responsive design in a strict sense; ads will be there in free & connect domain plans. To remove Wix branded ads, you have to upgrade their plans. The site moving away from Wix is a complicated task, which works as a major drawback of Wix. 


Pricing: $29 per month for the basic plan, $299 per month for Advanced Shopify, $9 per month for Shopify Lite


When considering the best e-commerce builder, Shopify holds the top place. For users planning to build a complete e-commerce store, Shopify is highly recommended. It offers an easy and user-friendly interface for setting up e-commerce and running it online. The app store which Shopify offers has more apps than other e-commerce website builders available. Apart from this, features like Shopify Payments, Shopify POS & Shopify AI has marked its place in top eCommerce website builders. Even for a beginner, it is clear and simple to use. The platform mainly focuses on your products & sale details. The chat support of Shopify is also excellent & responsive to solve your queries.  

Pros: No worries of installing updates, managing software or keeping backups as it is an all-in-one fully hosted solution. It also offers third-party gateway integration for accepting payments. Variety of designs, full inventory management, infinite products, drag & drop interface, powerful statistics and much more!

Cons: The prices are quite high for beginners as compared to other website builders available for websites. Moving your website away from Shopify is yet another drawback as it is a complicated task in Shopify.

Be clear with your requirements, what you need before choosing your website builder. It is easier to choose from different website builders with a clear idea of your preferences and directions.

About the Author:
Ved Prakash is a WordPress expert having rich experience in WordPress website development over the years. He is professional in delivering services related to WordPress development and customization. He is also the founder of Dbug Lab, which is a leading WordPress development company having rewarding testimonials of clients.

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