Facebook Outage- What did you miss when the social network went down?

For me, it started with a birthday wish which was never delivered. Elsewhere, a phone has actually ringed, answered by a son whose mother thought he’d blocked her. And throughout America, selfies piled up in mobile phones with nowhere to post. The message received: The message couldn’t be submitted to this Timeline.

On Thursday afternoon, at least 22 hours following start of one of the longest outages in Facebook’s history; it was a notable disruption for many people who’ve woven the ritual of flicking through Facebook and then Instagram to the fabric of daily. 

When the world’s largest social network goes down for any meaningful time length, what type of void, if any, does this leave us?  Maybe much less of one than you think, definitely for a few people.

The origin Facebook breakdown: Facebook and Instagram are back and blaming server configuration switch for outage. College Admissions College: Has an elite college meant you’ll get more money?  My inability to send a birthday greeting was annoying, but hardly life altering. And that seemed to be the general opinion among my own Facebook buddies and a larger community of people that I canvassed on social media. 

In other words, among the very individuals who even noticed the outage, a fair number of which didn’t? Precious little outrage. No visible panic attacks, despite .Facebook down trending on Twitter. Some even found a massive outage amazingly refreshing.

As a Facebook user, Jenny Gamut Aspelin posted on the service discovered it and was glad that I couldn’t access it. It had been a more productive day for me! Peters added that naturally, we do not have to log in and I’m constantly threatening to dump my account. But so many of our family and friends use it as their only way of communication, thus pushing that closing deactivation button isn’t easily done. 

But damn – yesterday was fantastic! Freelance writer and journalist Frank Vizard came to a similar conclusion. It had been like a nice brief vacation, he quipped. Yet, there have been unintended consequences. My United States TODAY colleague Dalvin Brown obtained a telephone call from his mother who believed when a remark she attempted send it to Facebook did not undergo that he’d blocked her from the service. He’d some explaining to do.

Facebook was a magnet for upsetting news the past few years or so, leaving some individuals to break up with the support for good and putting Chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg on the hot seat. Go down the list: Cambridge Analytical, fake news, Messenger Children scandals, safety breaches, information deals which have the company under criminal investigation, and yes, now, this latest toaster, that Facebook accused of a server configuration error, and also grounded Facebook possessed Instagram and triggered problems for WhatsApp. And yet for all of Facebook’s well publicized troubles, 2.3 billion people have, for much better or worse, stuck around, me among them.

We hang around, needless to say, not only to wish pals a happy birthday, but as a means to celebrate our households and milestones, and also to re-establish or stay connected with buddies from the past and present, a few dating back to elementary school, older jobs or summer camp. Had Facebook not come along, we would never have spoken to a few of those individuals again. Hard to put a cost on that one. The most recent outage for sure abandoned some users who conduct business on the site frustrated. And the same goes for those who turn to Facebook as a social outlet or as an antidote to loneliness. 

When Facebook and Instagram are down: Small businesses and big brands may suffer. The Instagram outage bothered another generation as well. Craig Beilinson says his 13 year old son Jacob couldn’t comprehend why his Instagram feeds were not updating, something dad described as super impactful. , It was only after learning about the outage later from the day the younger Beilinson also discovered the association between Facebook and Instagram. I was finally able to once more send folks Facebook birthday greetings. 

However, Valerie Beale whose birthday fell on the day of the outage described the excess present she obtained: I got real phone calls.

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