Family Vacation Destinations to Enjoy With Your Kids

What makes a family vacation special? Choosing the best family vacation destination is provocative as it gives the opportunity to use your peculiar vacation time by going at some special place. Due to our busy schedules, we didn’t get time to let our kids explore the world’s beauty. But choosing the perfect location to enjoy with kids can be a tough task. How do you know what your kids will love to explore? How will you make the perfect call?

If you want your kids to experience their best vacation time, here is the list of best vacation destinations for you both!

1.Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach is one of the most popular waterfronts United States and it attracts thousands of visitors every year. Not only for young and old crowd, it is a amicable place for kids as well. Besides beaches and natural landmarks, Miami has to offer attractions like Jungle Island, Zoo, Seaquarium, and Children’s museum which kids love to see. Also you can have view of Villa Vizcaya, Coral Castle, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden & Bass Museum of art. There are many other things to explore out which makes it the best destinations for family holidays! You will definitely have a good time in seeking the attractions away from the coastline.

2.Millennium Park

It can be sometimes difficult to find affordable family vacation destinations. One of such place is Millennium Park! It is located in Chicago and is a fun place for whole family. Millennium Park has a Cloud Gate sculpture where you or kids can have themselves clicked! What other activities you can enjoy here is having burst of animated Crown Fountain, free activities, and rent bikes to nearby location. Music is a big part of what makes this park special and you can find about every type of music from around the world at the park. You can also catch a live show from one of the live theater or dance groups here. Shows are taking place almost all the time there.

3.Disneyland, Hong Kong

Disneyland is undeniably the best family vacation destination of all time. You will get a refreshing experience during the visit to Hong Kong. It offers deluge options for the kids and the family. The American-style Disney theme park is something that can make you go perplex. If your kids are Disney fans, this is a must place in your bucket list. The park features a daytime as well as devastating nighttime parade and a former night time firework show. Also seasonal entertainment such as Halloween, Christmas & New Year events are held in park to celebrate the major holidays. The place can keep the kids & you happy & entertained throughout the visit. It is assuredly for all ages!

4.San Diego Zoo

Zoo is a place where everyone can have good time. Especially kids are fond of zoo! San Diego zoo is one of the best known zoos in the world. Located in Balboa Park, it features a large variety of exhibits in a clean environment. Your family will have the best time while walking and watching animals there. With more than 4000 animals, there are different exhibits in the zoo that are designed around particular habitat. San Diego Zoo is a great place which gives worth of your spent time & money both. What else you will explore about the location is its relaxing environment. Take a bus tour with family to have an experience of zoo adventures. You should not miss this place!

5.Dinosaur Valley State Park

This is a state park in Texas and is popular family vacation destinations to enjoy with your kids. It has some preserved dinosaur tracks in the world. It features large number of dinosaur footprints in Paluxy River. This park is one of the top local tourist attractions. Some other activities which you can enjoy in Dinosaur Valley State Park includes camping, picnic, hiking, mountain biking, river swimming, fishing & wildlife research. You will love this place if you are an adventure & thrill lover. Also your kids will get to know about the past wildlife. Some other attractions are Barnard’s mill & Art museum, Somervell museum, Fossil Rim Wildlife center. The wildlife is an amazing experience!

6.The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

If you are a Harry Potter fan, The Wizarding World of Harry Potterwould be a great choice for you! It offers an amazing amusement experience where you will surely enjoy. The place has famous towering gates, rooms just like movies, iconic landmarks of castle. The other main attractions are Dragon challenge which allows choosing to enjoy the ride along with sheer speed of twisting & turning dragons. Kids also love the child-friendly flight of the Hippogriff which is a slow & relaxed ride. Go for wand shopping at Ollivanders and explore multiple attractions, shops, shows & dining places inside the place. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will never bore you and you will love to be there, for sure.


What Tenerife, the largest of Canary island offers is splendid resorts & charming scenery. The island is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world. The place will give you a calm and quiet experience. So if you are a sun worshiper, Tenerife is a place for you! The places to visit here are – Mount Teide National park which is a world heritage site and you will enjoy the pleasant scenery here, Siam Park which is a Thai-themed water park. Water Park is one of the major interests of kids and the park has water slides, rides, numerous games, wave pool, in short everything to enjoy. Other places are Loro Prque Zoo, Aqualand, Museum of science etc.

The world is full of beautiful & adventurous places and one can easily choose the affordable family vacation destinations where the whole family can have a good quality time. Not only kids, but you will also have a wondrous experience at the above mentioned locations.

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