Food Lovers’ Favorite American Cuisines – Try these

Not only location and places of visit in America attracts visitors but there is one more thing that is appreciated by number of people who visited there i.e. the Cuisines in US. The US foods are best known for their taste, health, hygiene and the quality which is delivered to customers. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you will find all the stuff here and you will not stop yourself salivating by looking at the dishes served at the US restaurants and food Stalls. America brings delicious for everyone starting from the staples to classic confessions, all the dishes are mouth-watering and worth eating. Nowadays America’s cuisines list has become much more than just hamburgers and hotdogs, here we will take you the tour of the delicious yet glorious dishes of America!

Cheese Burgers
The first and the foremost choice of every American and US visitor, and you will find this in every restaurant’s menu. This is filled by various types of toppings and you can choose your own from a set of choices. These include cheese, tomato, lettuce, onions, mustard and many more. These can be customized according to the customer’s taste and need.

Cheese Cakes
If it is a cake, surely it will bring water in your mouth! The creamy, smooth and divine picture and taste all make it everybody’s favorite. These cheese cakes melt in your mouth giving you the divine taste and pleasure. The dessert having a biscuit base chopped with cream cheese and plenty of condiments gives a great finish to any meal.

Macaroni and Cheese
The America’s ultimate comfort food, baked in oven takes out all your hunger at once. It’s creamy and cheesy taste makes it more than delicious and the blend of different kinds of cheeses make it more divine. Add various sauces to it to have the best taste of the perfect complementary dish and combat your hunger.

The most preferred food in America’s breakfast is the Pancakes. These are the thin flat cakes, round in shape prepared from starch based butter and cooked on a hot surface. A plenty of toppings are added to make the complete dish to eat which are maple syrup, fruits, eggs, bacon and chocolate sauce. There are various types of pancakes available such as banana pancakes, buttermilk pancakes and US blueberry pancakes.

Chicken and Waffles
For the chicken lovers! It’s a great blend of chicken and waffle stack to make your stomach delighted. It is originated many years ago by a genius who just thought to mix the parts of fried chicken with waffles and till then it becomes one of the favorite dishes of many. The fried chicken is put on the top of the waffles making the dish crispy and tasty.

Just imagine the blend of marshmallows and chocolates melting in your mouth giving you a divine pleasure and a sense of contentment. These melty, warm and sweet S’mores are made by roasted marshmallows and graham cracker with a layer of chocolates sandwiched between the two crackers. This classic US food will surely make you happy.

Apple pie
You might have heard the saying “American as apple pie”, this sweet treat is everyone’s favorite there. The combination of sugar, buttery pastry and sliced apples together produces a remarkable dessert. People have spent their immense efforts perfecting this dish a bit more every day. Try this sweet dish with added green chilies to adore its taste to the fullest.

Deep dish Pizza
Pizza in Chicago is quite distinct both in looks and taste. As the name suggests, the dish is deep and the crust rises high that allows high volume of cheese and tomato sauce. The people there call it ‘pie’, pairing it with a sugary soda makes the dish deliciously delicious.

Try these delicious and aromatic American Cuisines while your trip to America!

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