How music influences the lives of Autistic Children?

In this world, whatever we see is a beautiful creation of the most creative artist- The God, one who created everything, even you. When we enter in this world we are unknown to the fact that which life we are going to own, how it’s going to be, how we are going to look, what abilities we will have. These all are that packets of surprise which discloses mostly after 3 years of our birth. Most of us grow naturally in usual time, they can love, laugh and more over they can live their life as they want but, one over every ten children grows steadily with a serious development disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact, they usually are called “Autistic“. Such kids are less social, and are different from the others in many ways. Just because they are not like all of us, they are usually isolated and find less support from others, get bullied and found trouble a lot of time.

So, they need special attention and special ways to make them feel better. Studies illustrates the most effective way to handle these type of children is music. The pleasure and contentment which these types of children find in music makes them healthier, heals their wounds and fills them with the new spirit. The psychological effects of music can be more powerful and wide -ranging than we might assume. The notion that music enhances our thoughts, feelings and behavior is like magic. An autistic person can experience a change in his mental health with the introduction of music in his life.

Here are the benefits music provides for the betterment of Autistic Children:

Improves Cognitive Performance

 Researches illustrates that performance on intellectual tasks can be enhanced by listening delicate ambient melodies. Both upper and lower enhances our psychological wellness. Upper beats enhances speed where as lower beats sharpens memory. Making autistic children intellectually strong is the first and the foremost task we must take into consideration.

Reduces Stress

 Those who feel inconvenient while interfacing with others and feel stressed in doing works that others can do easily. At that point, music can be the viable method to cope up with stress. Music soothes the brain and gives relaxation.

Improves memory

Music help increasing children’s memory, as the rhythmic patterns of music provide a more structure way to autistic children to learn and memorize the things in a better way.

Can help sleep better

Lack of sleep among the autistic children is the most common phenomena they face. Autistic children sleep far less than normal children just because their mind has numerous thoughts always. Hence a soothing music helps them relaxing their mind and sleep sound.

Improves behavior

According to a study, music connects the auditory and motor parts of the brain which help the children listen and understand verbal commands given to them. Moreover, music helps decreasing negative behaviors of fighting and throwing things.

Social engagement

It has been noticed that while the music play sessions, children with autism shows their social skills more as they try to get engage with their peers. How? Music helps the autistic children to adapt new forms during the sessions such as taking turns and including sharing.

Enhances endurance and performance

Step frequency along with a strong, rhythmic beat, such as fast -paced musical track inspire children with autism to pick up the pace and stick with motivation that display greater endurance and far better performance in various tasks.

Controls emotions

Music helps the children with autism to control their emotions of anger, stress, and loneliness, distressed by introducing a new phenomenon into their life. As they start listening to music, it helps them stay happier, stress free and more positive.

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