How to Create a Website in WordPress For Free?

If you own a business, whether small or large, one of the most crucial factors for business growth is having a spectacular website. Even if your business is not entirely web-based, people turn out to the Internet to get details of a brand. Having an influential website helps to build a substantial web presence. Creating a website is no more difficult task than earlier days. People needed to know programming & learn design, and that is why they thought it was too hard. But not now! You are eligible to create an impressive website on your own. From the various website building platforms available in the market, people mostly prefer free options. WordPress meets all your requirements.

You may wonder why to opt for WordPress. WordPress is very flexible; it means that you can endlessly customize to fit your exact needs. Also, it is an open-source system which means that you will get widget options for better usability. From being user-friendly to a free option, WordPress website doesn’t require core technical knowledge and even used by beginners. It is useful for anyone to start a small business website using WordPress to sell their products or services.

Want to figure out how to create a website in WordPress? It is quite easy. We are going to help you with all the basic steps to make a website on WordPress.

Steps to make a website in WordPress

1.Setting Up WordPress

The first step to creating a website in WordPress is choosing the right website platform. Most of the users go for the self-hosted site due to its flexibility and economical feature. You will find numerous designs & add-ons to create a customized website as per your needs. The difference between .org & .com is who is actually hosting your website. In .org, you will host your own site while .com does all this for you. If you want to have full control of the website, you should go for It is suitable for any kind of business as well as a professional project. Remember you can create a website with WordPress for free only on To start, you need to sign-up at and get the details, fill in it and you are ready to create a blog.  

2. Get Name for Site; Buying Domain & Hosting

While making a website on WordPress, you need to choose a name for your website. Choose any relevant name that you like for your website as you are free to do so. Try to be unique with your name as there are billions of websites on the web. While picking up the domain name, keep your focus around either name of your organization or a niche-related phrase. A good domain name should have the following aspects – it should be short, easy to remember, have niche-related keywords, original & unique, etc. There are various tools available where you can check the availability of your domain name. Also, there are tools to help you in generating a domain name.

To make a website in WordPress, the next step is to register a domain name & buy a hosting package. A domain name is the address of your website & hosting is required to store images, content & files related to the website. A WordPress domain name generally costs $14.99/year and hosting packages cost from $7.99/month.  Some of the common companies which you can opt for domain name & hosting package are Bluehost, GoDaddy, HostGator. All of these offer different website hosting plans which you can choose as per your budget. The registration process simply involves filling your details and package details. You are ready to GO!

3.Website Setup

Done with your domain name & web hosting? Next, you have to move to set up your website. For setting up, you have to start by installing WordPress to your domain. There are two ways to install WordPress – one is manual installation (it is for those who do not get the option of automatic installation by hosting companies). The other and most preferred one to create a website with WordPress is “1-click installation”. Many of the hosting companies provide such kind of installation for WordPress. If you have to install it manually, you might be dealing with a bad host. Be careful while choosing the hosting company if you want to make a website in WordPress.

This “1-click installation” is found in the control panel of your account. After completing the log-in process with hosting, it will guide you through the process of installing WordPress on your hosting set-up.

4.Design Your Website

Now that WordPress has been successfully installed in your domain, it’s time to explore the theme section. WordPress is great with themes! They totally control the visual display of your WordPress site and you can change the look of your site with a single click. These professionally designed templates can be used to change the look of the website completely. WordPress offers both free and paid themes to get a new look on your site. These themes can be customized as per your needs very easily. Another plus point of choosing the theme is that it does no transformation with the content, only the presentation will be altered.

You have the freedom to pick-up the theme as per your choice. They can be installed quickly and can also be changed later on. The process of changing the WordPress theme is so simple that even a beginner is capable to do so. You can now install the WordPress theme available in the official directory at WordPress. Once you are done with the theme installation, you are able to customize it as per your requirements. You will also get many free themes on the web, third-party sites and paid themes shared by independent theme stores & theme marketplaces.

5.Adding Content to the Site

Moving further to the process of creating a website using WordPress requires the content on the website. WordPress comes with two default content types – one is posts & other is posts. Talking about the post first, they are the part of the blogs which appear in reverse-chronological order. Pages are meant to be a static “one-off” type content which includes page, contact page, privacy policy, etc. You can change the appearance of the pages to show on the website. WordPress, by default, shows blog posts on the front page.

Content can be edited and updated at any time on the WordPress site. To add content on the Website, you need to add a few pages on the WordPress site. Start by adding a title for your page & add text, links, images, audio, etc.

6. Get Plug-ins to expand website features

When you create a website using WordPress, you will get the additional facility of plug-ins. Plug-ins are like extensions that are designed to widen the potential of WordPress. Your website will have additional features & functionalities! Without building features from scratch, you can enable the website to perform some great features. Some call it apps for a WordPress site. They widen the standard functionality of your WordPress site by adding the desired features. From adding photo galleries, creating an online store to creating contact forms, plug-in act as shortcuts. WordPress offers around 49,000 free plug-ins, also some paid by third party websites.

Some of the famous and most used plug-ins used in WordPress are – Yoast SEO (for making site accessible for search engines), WPForms (allow to add contact forms to the website), Google Analytics (integrates the site with traffic analysis solution) and many more. Installing a plug-in is very easy in WordPress site, especially if you are dealing with the free plug-in which only demands name for installation.

7. Work for your Blog with WordPress

Apart from different website features, WordPress also offers some great blogging tools built into it and it is also considered as the best blogging platform. If you are planning to promote your products along with your website, WordPress allows you to do that so. You can simply create a new blog post from your WordPress dashboard. Create a new blog is as simple as creating a new page with similar options.

Blogging on WordPress can also be made attractive due to its built-in features. You can also change the reading setting inside WordPress for better usability. Also, you may choose to configure social media accounts like Facebook & Twitter on WordPress blogs. Not ready? No worries as this can be configured later in the future as well.

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Final Verdict Hope this guide clarifies all your doubts on how to create a website in WordPress. These are the basic steps in a nutshell. You can do customizations on your website whenever you want. WordPress allows creating you many different niche websites like an eCommerce store, membership site, review site, web directory and much more. Creating a website with WordPress is very simple and free. It is an easy step, once you get familiar with all the tools. One of the main advantages of creating a website with WordPress is that it gets completed in fewer time frames. It gives you options to add extra features to your simple website. Start building your website using WordPress today!

About the Author:
Ved Prakash is a WordPress expert having rich experience in WordPress website development over the years. He is professional in delivering services related to WordPress development and customization. He is also the founder of Dbug Lab, which is a leading WordPress development company having rewarding testimonials of clients.

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