How to Deal with Anxiety – Most Proficient Tips

Anxiety is a problematic thing. There is not any root of it, it doesn’t show any symptom and you will never find a consecutive way to cope with it. It can be more depressing if we have tried with many solutions but nothing worked for its recovery. Nowadays, there are various natural remedies available to deal with anxiety in a healthy manner including meditation or exercise. Apart from this, research has proven that our gut can be a great respite for anxiety problems.


Recognizing symptoms of anxiety are the first step to overcome it. Following are some of the indications of it which needs to be taken care:

  1. Excessive worries – The excess worries makes it difficult for a person to concentrate on daily tasks.

  2. Feeling aroused – This kind of feeling in excess also leads to rapid heartbeat, shaking, sweating which are common in anxiety attacks.

  3. Uneasiness – It is very much common in teens and children and it is alone enough to analyzed as anxiety disorder.

  4. Panic Attacks – Persistent panic attacks are also associated with sign of panic disorder.

  5. Avoid Social Situations – Person fearing and avoiding from social situations can also be a great sign of anxiety.

Dealing with Anxiety

To deal with anxiety, not only need meditation but it needs to be cured with more than that. Below are some of the tips which can be followed on regular basis:

  1. Regular exercise – It is a very critical part of both physical & mental health. Doing exercise on regular basis or a workout period of around 30 minutes can help to boost the sense of well-being.

  2. Attention to sleep – It is recommended that 8 hours of sleep is must to get a healthy lifestyle. Both quantity & quality sleep helps in dealing with anxiety very efficiently.

  3. Avoid caffeine & alcohol – Take an escape from both of these things. It will help in kicking off the anxiety and keep you fit & healthy.

  4.  Deep breath –Keep motivating your brain to be relaxed and not to panic. Try to take deep breaths as it will make you feel refresh and relaxed. You can opt for different postures while breathing so that your body gets equal movements.

  5. Spending time – Try to spend time doing things which makes you happy and positive. Making networks will definitely support you in positive way and can be a great healer for anxiety.

  6. Negative thoughts – Try to convert the negative thoughts into positive ones. Only you can control your mind in the finest manner. The more you become used of this mode; you keep overcoming of the negativity.

  7. Focus and face your fears – Don’t try to avoid the situations which boost up your anxiety as it will always stop you which you want to do. Facing the things causing anxiety will help you to reduce the stress to a great level.

Age Factor

    It is although harmful for every generation, but it is very much common in older adults too. Talking   about the major reasons of anxiety issues in old age people can include sudden retirement, loss of a closed one, decline of their physical or emotional health or any kind of financial issues. The anxiety issues not only affect their physical health, but also lead them leave poor quality of life.

Social Anxiety

This category of anxiety includes the fear of being judged by other people which often leads to depression, commonly in youth. Some think that they can’t overcome this which doesn’t mean there is no hope. The reasons why you can overcome social anxiety are as follows:

Deal with Anxiety
  1. Fear of social situations is the result of thinking patterns which get shaped into our minds by the environment or surroundings we used to be in. We can create brand new pathways anytime as per our comfort which will enable to reduce anxiety stress.

  2. It is a very familiar feeling if you love spending time alone. But this doesn’t clarify that you will struggle hard with social anxiety issues and can’t overcome it.
  3. It is not a personality trait; rather it is a result of combination of certain personality traits which includes the environment and things we observe near us.

How Gut Health Affect the Anxiety

It is now proven that people who experience anxiety to a great extent can get benefit from better gut health. Now, from where does a person get better gut? It basically comes from regulating the good bacteria into your gut using food & supplements.

If we talk about the influence of gut, there are various microorganisms present in it which is responsible for performing crucial functions in the immune system and provides essential nutrients & vitamins to it. This further helps in regulating brain function which overall results in gut efficiency improvement.

Anxiety – Gut Connection

The relationship between our gut & brain is very complicated and strong in the body which led to anxiety disorders enter in the picture.  Being strongly connected, they affect each other vice versa and the communication between both of them is commonly known as gut-brain axis. To maintain the health of your gut, it is essential to have a well-balanced diet which should include probiotic or non-probiotic ingredients for restoring balance to the gut.

Non-Probiotic Approach

According to the researchers, though both probiotic & non-probiotic method are compelling in reducing the anxiety symptoms, but consuming a nutritive diet on a regular basis is more powerful. The main reason for the non-probiotic approach is so competent than probiotic is due to the fact that the change of diet has more impact on gut health or bacteria than introducing specific bacteria in a probiotic additive. 

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