How to Make a Website with Wix?

Due to the necessity of a customized website for a strong online presence, many website builders have come up with different features and cost plans. Wix comes among the category of best and popular website builders. It stands tall amidst the ever-growing number of customized services. Wix allows you to create a customized website for free as long as you want.

A one-step solution to create your customized website! What makes you build a website with Wix is its easy to use and SEO friendly feature. You can publish your website instantly after creating it with this website builder. Now you may question how to make a website with Wix? Though Wix is not that difficult and it allows everyone to create a website for free. Still, some basic knowledge is essential to follow the right track. We are here to help you with this! By following just some simple steps, you can make a website with Wix.

Steps for Creating a Website with Wix

1. Start by creating a Wix account

To make a website with Wix, the first step is creating your account. You have to sign up and create your account on the Wix website. Similar to the basic registration process, it also requires email and password. Wix also asks some follow-up questions to know the exact motive of creating a website. These include the purpose of your website, type of website, expertise level, etc. After the completion of the sign-up process, you will be asked if you wish to create a website within the Wix Editor or let the Wix ADI tool design a website for you.

2. Choosing a stunning Wix template

Moving afterward to the registration process, it is time to decide about the look and feel of the site. Wix offers hundreds of free templates for themes that you can choose from. Templates are made to reduce the terrifying experience of a user and have a variety of templates for every business. They are customizable and you can alter it as per your needs. Remember the theme or template will represent your site to viewers. So choose the one that best suits your perception! A pre-designed template not only saves your time, but also reduces your efforts of creating from the beginning.

3. Customization

Once you are done with the template, you can customize and edit the template – add content, images, video or audio on the site. It also offers a blank template, if you are creative enough, and can make your own from scratch. Wix allows you to customize almost everything. From images, font to colors, buttons, etc, you can also add a variety of features such as parallax scrolling, background videos, highlighting of page layout as well. All the customization can be done with the help of the Wix editor based on your personal inclinations. Simple drag-and-drop editing!

4. Domain Name

Before the publishing of the site, you have to connect the domain name. A domain name is referred to as your address on the internet. Domain registration plays an essential role in the strong online presence and further, the success of your site. Make sure you go with the unique one! A domain name will also help search engines to understand what your website is about, and will affect search engine optimization. Be particular about your domain by choosing a short and simple one, transparent (reflecting your brand’s identity), and expressive.

5. Work on Its Usability

While creating a website in Wix, make sure that if that website provides a great user experience to the users. Design is a primary thing, but to make people stay on your website, it should be user-friendly. No matter if you have made efforts in the design, if the functionality is not worth it, it will not take you far. From easy navigation of users, accurate content order to perfect call to actions & easy readability, building a website with Wix requires these features too.  Also you need to optimize your site for mobile devices so that it should be reachable from smartphones or tablets. Wix make it easy to optimize the web design of the site for users.

6. Adding Content to the Site

Creating a website with Wix also requires addition of great content into it. While making a website, add an adequate quantity of text, slogans, images, and videos, etc that represents you and your brand! Be creative with your content and always try to be short and sweet. Wix offers extensive and free media library which you are allowed to use. The primary pages like Home, About Us and Testimonials, should be filled quality, not quantity) with personal and professional content, representing your business and client reviews. Make sure you extent the branded content across different pages to make a better impact.

7. Adding Professional Tools

Wix offers many professional tools that can help your business grow. Tools like Wix Bookings for booking appointments, Wix Music tool, and Wix Restaurants, Wix events, Wix SEO Wiz are some examples for managing your business. You can also create a blog in Wix to attract visitors. Wix blog allows you to write, edit and share posts with images and videos. Wix also offers the facility of adding an online store to the website through Wix stores. You can take benefit of Wix apps which has over 200 apps in it. Both free and premium apps are available with which you can add extra functionality to your site.

8. Publishing Your Wix Website

After all this process is done, your Wix website is ready to get published. But before giving a final check to publishing, you need to create your own subdomain or connect a custom domain. It will be recommended to connect your own custom domain instead of using the Wix subdomain. For using a custom domain, you have to upgrade your Wix account to the premium plan. This will make a great impact on your visitors. Also while using a custom domain name, choose a name that is easy to remember and is related to your business.

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Summing Up

Now that you are almost clear with how to make a website with Wix, it is that simple. Creating a website in Wix is not pretty much difficult. Just simple steps and you are ready to go with your website. To recall it as a summary, the list of steps is as follows:

  • Creating an account on Wix
  • Choosing an impressive template
  • Customization
  • Claiming for domain
  • Personalizing it
  • Adding relevant content
  • And using Wix apps for adding new functionality

A Wix website helps you to generate more leads, drive more traffic and sell your products online. It offers endless opportunities to a user and allows users to promote the website design to social media pages. From creating high functional to search engine friendly websites, Wix is one of the best website builder to be considered. 

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