How to Make Money with YouTube

People think of YouTube as a place to search for instructional videos, watch videos, or simply wasting time. But to your surprise, YouTube has become a major revenue source for the online business. Making money on YouTube has become popular but takes some time and effort which ultimately pays off big money. 

YouTube, as we all know is half the internet that billions of users log in every month. At the same time, around 500 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute. YouTube has become a great platform to make money in recent times and helps to increase revenue from YouTube views. 

Read on to learn some great ways to make money with YouTube! 

Become A YouTube Partner

The YouTube Program is how regular YouTubers get access to the special characteristics on the platform.

Become A YouTube Partner

You don’t need a partner to make money from YouTube but being a partner makes it an easier process. YouTube partners have an approach to multiple income streams. It is not limited to ads, but some other options like premium subscription fees, and features that tap your fan’s wallets directly. 

Some of the steps it includes are:

  1. Starting a Channel
  2. Making your channel successful to meet the YouTube partner program requirements
  3. Setting up an Adsense account 
  4. Exploring the new monetization features 
  5. Submitting to ongoing reviews
Selling Your Merchandise 

If you have already had a product, you can design your YouTube marketing strategy to sell it. Merchandise is a feasible way to earn money with YouTube. 

Selling Your Merchandise

The merchandising process includes some of the crucial steps that can make your channel grow and generate revenues. Read on to know about different steps!

  1. Conceptualize and designing your product
  2. Sourcing or building up your product
  3. Creating your shop and landing page
  4. Make videos and promote your products
Creating Sponsored Content

Influencing is a powerful term! But Instagram is not the only option to be an influencer. Surprisingly, the sponsored content strategy allows you to not share your earnings with YouTube. Make some bargaining directly with the brand and get direct payments. It is another popular way to make money on YouTube. 

Creating Sponsored Content

If you are able to offer brands a huge or engaged audience, and your content is relevant enough to the target market of the brands, they might be interested in you! Have a look at some of the basic steps of this part!

  1. Find a perfect brand from your wish list of dream brands to partner with
  2. Making a deal, but know your worth before signing a contract
  3. Be transparent about your sponsored content advertising. Also make sure that you are in the step with Google ad policies.
Make Money From YouTube Directly From Your Fans

It is again a perfect strategy to make money with YouTube which includes a few different streams of income. But one thing which is common is that you have to make it simple for your fans to show their gratitude with their credit card.

Make Money From YouTube Directly From Your Fans

Have a look at the steps involved in the process!

  1. Hosting live chat where people can use the feature, Super Chat which is only available to YouTube Partners during their live stream.
  2. Inspire your fans to become the channel members. YouTube offers the ability to let your viewers pay you to become members of your channel and in exchange they get emojis & badges.
  3. Inspire your fans to become YouTube premium subscribers. This is the last step of this strategy and it gives direct benefit to your channel.
Using Crowdfunding for ongoing or as on-off basis

Approaching for donations online is a very common thing now. Whether you are looking to build ongoing earnings from different small monthly donations or looking to fund a personal, channel-related project, many of the YouTubers use crowdfunding to earn money with YouTube.

The steps involve the following:

  1. Setting up a crowdfunding account! YouTube has a list of approved crowdfunding sites for a user to choose from!
  2. Promoting your campaign in your videes is the next step of this strategy.
  3. Go ahead from YouTube and promote your YouTube channel everywhere else.
Licensing Your Content to the Media

When a video becomes famous, every news outlet wants to get a copy of it for replaying it for the audience. Established media companies are well aware that they have to pay for everything they use. Luckily, you got another way of making money on YouTube!

Read on to know the steps!

  1. Your about page should have updated contact details.
  2. Signing up to a video rights marketplace

As long as your videos are being watched by the visitors, YouTube income is inactive and as your video library and views grow, your income will grow consequently.

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