How to prevent acne naturally with these effective ways

Are you not getting the perfect way to snap out all the acne from your face since you first experience them in your teenage? They might have made your face a home due to some hormonal imbalances, poor eating habits, and change in lifestyle, medications or lack of nutrients in the body. There are numerous reasons that affect acne growth and their removal.  Acne usually occurs when the skin’s oil glands become overactive and there is an inflammation in pores. The presence of skin bacteria may worsen the pimples to a great extent.

Treating acne has become the need of the hour; there are numerous ways to treat them professionally as well as naturally. However, some people are afraid of the risks and expenses occurred in treating acne through dermatologist’s way. So, here we have highly simple and effective yet inexpensive home remedies to treat acne.

Touching your face frequently
We all are aware of the fact that most of the bacteria lie in our hands. Every day we come in contact with germs, bacteria and dirt that gets collected on our hands.  Knowingly or unknowingly these are transferred to our face when we touch our face. Touching may or may not cause acne however, it may make it worse. This can trigger breakouts and make pimples worse. So, refrain from touching your face sooner no matter how much temptation you feel for itching or popping your affected area.

Following a poor diet
If you are healthy inside, you will surely be healthy outside. What we get inside greatly affects what comes outside, hence healthy and balanced diet is necessary to keep your face clean and glowing. Most of the time when our kidney or digestion system is not working properly due to unbalanced diet, we experience pimples on our face. Moreover, eating fast food, smoking, alcohol and not eating on time can show its bad effects in the form of acne and breakouts. Try to regularize your diet and incorporate more fruits and vegetables.

Taking stress
Stress is the root cause behind growth of acne. This is because, under immense pressure, the sensitive skin releases stress hormones that triggers oil glands producing more testosterone which results in higher oil production and clogged pores. To avoid stress, start spending some quality time with yourself that makes you feel relaxed by doing some yoga asana or meditation in your free time.

 Using wrong hair or skin care products
The hair products that you use on daily basis might contain chemicals like sulphates, silicones and other products might be harmful for your skin and may be the reason for acne. In addition, using wrong skin care products unintentionally may have adverse effects on the skin that become the cause of acne or pimples. Always use good quality hair and skin care products and do not forget to check expiry date before purchasing and using any product.

Not changing the pillow cases
After our hands, dirty pillow cases can be the cause of severe acne breakouts. Sometime you might have experienced most of the pimples on only one side of your face, this might be because of your habit of sleeping on that particular side only. This is because the settled dirt gets transferred from dirty bedding to your face and skin which clog the pores of skin. Try changing pillow cases as soon as possible and keep your bedding clean.

Popping your pimples
Many people have the habit of popping or scratching their pimples very another minute. They use to play with them and found it as the best time pass denying the fact that this is causing havoc on their face. Popping pimples release pus that leads to inflammation, the pus gets scattered on the other parts of the face causing more acne to grow. So, avoid touching and use a cream that help drying the pimples to prevent inflammation and other skin issues.

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