How to stick to your New Year resolutions?

With a plan to be more fiscally responsible, perfectly fit, magnificently beautiful in this New Year 2019, kick start working on your New Year resolutions right now! Before the end of the previous year, we usually start making a list of resolutions to be followed in the coming year, but how far we stick to those resolutions is a big task. However, polishing your bad behavior of procrastinating one and the other thing, breaking promises you made with yourself and many more, will bring you on a marvelous track of your life this year. To make your mornings wonderful from dodging doughnuts, use these ways.

Here are the ways to help guide your journey towards better:

Know Yourself

The first and the foremost task is to identify your willpower profile. When you have that grudges to do something, you probably do. Some people are introverts however some are extroverts that does come down to personality. Introverts can be fired up through their inner vision unlike extroverts who gets energized from peers and social groups. So find out what triggers you and hike your will power towards your goals.

Plan for your lifestyle

Begin to do everything with a proper plan in order to crunch the numbers for the life you are living now and you wish to live in future. According to a study, our minds are lethargic and like to conserve energy so there is a need of regular dose of reminders and visual clues. So, make a note of your goals or get some pictures related to it and stick them to the wall of your bedroom to get a better help as a reminder.

Take baby steps

Rome was not built in a day! Hence, it would be more reliable to work on a single resolution at a time rather than on multiple! Don’t go for all at once like giving up smoking, finding the right spouse and getting promotion in job! Move gradually, pick the one and start working on it for the better accomplishment of your plans.

Fight your Fears

Sometimes it’s the Big ‘F’ factor that ceases you from achieving your goal that needs to be overruled with your immense will power. Actually, some people just envisage the happenings as a result of achieving the goal; hence they are afraid of moving towards their resolutions. So stop being too anxious for doing anything, just have full confidence in you, be optimistic and move forward.

Discover your motivation

We all keep some will power in store as a good reserve. As we all know, people behave tremendously varied when they were told they would be paid extra for their efforts whether it be getting a chocolate for completing the homework or getting monetary benefits after teaching your sibling. So find out that motivation which pulls you straight towards your goal without any deviation.

Learn from setbacks

Figure out why you failed for the last time, take it as a learning experience and move towards your goal with full dedication. Try to find out the difference between a lapse and a relapse, try to get out the reasons last time you went for breaking up the promise and never allow creating those circumstances again.

Never give up

Finally, give yourself a chance! Even if you fail once, don’t be discouraged by blaming yourself rather be compassionate to accomplish your task. Learn rewarding yourself for efforts not for outcomes. Establish new habits, bring a change in your lifestyle, be optimistic and stop being negative and blaming yourself which are the biggest enemies of your will power.

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