Most Amazing and Useful Tips You Need to Know About Visiting Bali, Indonesia

There’s no denying the fact that Bali is the awesome place to visit when you are planning to move for a worthy trip by sight as well as by price. Bali, Indonesia has always been the visitor’s first ever choice when they wish to surf the beaches, hills, discos, temples and restaurants at once. Bali is considered to be as the one place for all. Everyone just loves to visit this heavenly place again and again. But if you are a first time visitor then you must consider these tips while traveling to Bali.

1 Respect the Culture

Bali is the Island of Gods. Here you will encounter a number of temples that are also tourist’s attractions. Balinese people worship Brahma Vishnu Mahesh and perform numerous rituals. One such ritual is “canal sari”, an offering made by the Balinese Hindu. You can a take a couple of steps along the street without encountering this canal sari as it is believed to be offered for the safety of road travelers.

Respect the culture Bali, Indonesia

2 Don’t drink tap water

In Bali, in spite of numerous water sports and places, you have to purchase water whenever you wish to drink. We know constantly buying water bottle may give a great rise to your expenses there but still don’t go towards drinking tap water unless you will get sick very soon.

Don’t drink tap water

3 Moto- Taxi and Rental Scooters

Hiring a Moto taxi could be cheaper than owning a car for a day! But the most important thing to consider is your own safety, you must have an insurance before hiring that as there are numerous chances of accidents because of huge rush on the roads. The other thing you can opt is renting a bike or scooty for a day or a week which is also very cheap.

Moto- Taxi and Rental Scooters

4 Super strict drug laws

If you are not aware of the super strict drug laws in Bali, then you must be hiding under a rock till now! Smuggling drugs in Bali is totally against the law and the one who caught doing this, directly sentenced to death. So don’t do this at all!

5 Learn a few local words

Before heading towards any country other than your native, you must learn and know something about their local culture, people and language. One such best way to bring the best of your trip to Bali is learning few local language words that will make you converse easily with the local people.

6 Ultimate massage spot

Bali is known for its ultimate services in the area of spa and massage. Balinese massage is so famous that no one comes back without having their body renewed and rejuvenated with the touch of Balinese massage. You can get an hour full body massage at Rp. 100,000 to 150,000.

Balinese massage

7 Vegetarian foods is not a problem

Balinese people usually eat non-vegetarian in their main course diet. Still there are numerous restaurants that cater to several tastes- that of the vegetarians too. You will find numerous Indian restaurants too in Kuta and Seminyak without any difficulty.

Vegetarian foods is not a problem

8 Tip is not expected

In Bali, you can tip, but it’s not expected. It’s completely your choice whether to tip or not. If you are provided a good service then you can tip but it’s not at all necessary as you can skip it too. Thankfully, it all depends on you here!

9 Download Go-Jek

With the Ban of Uber in Bali, most of the people download go- jek. This app provides you all the services like shopping, courier services and most probably for hailing a taxi or Moto taxi!

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