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Today digital marketing is one of the biggest things especially for those who want to take their services or products to the next level. Digital marketing give us freedom to access the targeted audience easily but it really doesn’t mean that you can skyrocket your business overnight.

Know that PPC and SEO acts as a pillar when it comes to digital marketing. Now most of people who have website or app for their product or service are not able to decide whether they need to go with PPC or SEO. Well, you don’t have to be in dilemma situation as you need to discover your exact need or goal that you are expecting from your business or service.

Let’s first talk about PPC. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, as name suggests it works on a model in which you have to pay for every click that brings you user from Google ads. Google charges you every time someone clicks on your advertisement then no matter whether you get conversion or not.

PPC is a quite a costly method to attract users or potential customers. If you have limited budget then we don’t recommend you to go with PPC but yes, you can consider going with PPC in following scenario:

You have just launched a new product or service that has unique features. If you have such product or service then you would love to go with PPC as it will give you a quick attention or sales without any delay.

Now coming to SEO then no doubt it is a long term thing and most important it is getting more complicated day by day. In this, it is not like you don’t need to go with SEO.

SEO is still important but the problem is most of people don’t want to spend their money and time on it. The days are gone when making few backlinks get your website on top result of Google’s SERP.

In real, SEO is not a tough thing, all it needs smart techniques to implement.  We recommend you to spend your time and money on SEO wisely. As it is a long term process make sure to rely on trusted SEO experts.

SEO will give you long term benefit in comparison to PPC. You will get your conversion, sales, users etc. from PPC till you spend money. Once you stop your PPC campaign all things will magically disappear.


The conclusion of which among SEO and PPC is better is a long debate and uncertain. PPC and SEO, both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages but what if we recommend you to spend your money and time on both?  Don’t feel confused. Let us help you.

Consider a scenario:

You have launched a new website that offers unique evergreen products. Now because you can’t wait for long it is better to spend your money on PPC. Meanwhile we also recommend you to work on SEO so that in future you don’t have to completely rely on PPC as nothing is better than organic results, right?

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