Proven Tips to Make Money with Your Blog

Blogging has become one of the most adequate ways to market on the internet. It is considered as one of the best ways to brand yourself very easily with a fast set up where you can make money from the blog. The opportunity to find money online is making people showcase their blogging skills to visitors. Though making money with the blog is a simple process, still it is crucial to keep some important things in mind. The initial step to making money with blogging is, of course, starts with putting together a profitable and effective blog that is competent to engage the viewers. 

Blogging has been around for a long time now and people keep on a venture into it to make money.

Here are the few tips and tricks on how to make money with a blog that might be helpful!   

The Power of Monetize

The Power of Monetize

One of the best ways to make money with your blog is through advertising! There are many ways that have come up now to monetize your content. Starting with affiliate marketing, you can promote other people’s products through your blog and get a commission once you get a sale. All you have to do is sign in to affiliate programs and start promoting products in your blog. While going for affiliate marketing, choose products as per the interest of the users to get maximum benefit. Google Adsense is another effective method to make money from a blog that comes under the monetization category. When your blog starts displaying ads, you will get paid for each time the user clicks on the ad.    

In addition to this, you can use advertising plug-in to sell the ads directly. The direct selling of banner ad space on your site is more productive than Google Adsense. No worries if you are not interested in displaying ads to your audience! An alternative option of monetizing a blog is through sponsorships.

Write sponsored reviews

Write sponsored reviews

Similar to the sponsored post concept, you can make with blogging by writing paid reviews on your site. If you have used certain products or services and you are satisfied with the experience, you can blog about it and get paid. Paid reviews are one of the easy ways to make money by a blog. Though this also comes under monetization but is a bit different than reviewing site with the affiliate link. Wonder how? Unlike the former, you will get a chance to try out products for free and also get paid for writing a review.

You would definitely want to review your niche related products that might be interested by your audience as well. This can be accomplished by impending to companies as a lot of companies are paying blog owners for their reviews of their product.

Promote your blog at public speaking

Promote your blog at public speaking

If your brand is correlated with your blog, you can make physical appearances to promote and make money with a blog. Many of the bloggers in the present era prefer to speak at conferences and make huge money. Bloggers not only get paid to address gatherings but also get a firm chance to promote their blog & build networks. Before jumping into public speaking, make sure that you are good enough in representing so that people clearly get to know what your blog or brand is about!

Some tips that may help you in making money with a blog in such situations include expertise in your field, consistency, availability & accurate strategy of promotion.


Business Partnerships

You can accept partnership offers if there are chances of getting mutual benefits. As compared to affiliate marketing, exclusive partnerships let you make more money with blogging as it allows you to settle out the commission. While working with partners, if your work has helped them in increasing their profits, you can confidently charge more for it.  Try to choose long-term partners with whom you can work for lifetime.

While choosing for a partnership, keep in mind that both your reader and partner get value before you.

Consulting & Freelancing

Consulting & Freelancing

Consulting can also make you capable of making money by the blog. Why not go for a blog in your expertise area? Start a blog in your skilled area and attract potential clients through it. Try not to directly offer your services and instead of this, offer worthy advice & strategy to your clients so that they become more effective. There are now infinite consulting options available in different fields which you can choose from as per your skills.  You can also start your consulting services on your existing blog! Many bloggers are making money with this strategy.

Freelancing is an easy option for those who wonder how to make money with a blog. Being an expert in your niche, you can easily earn huge income by contributing your skills and expertise as a freelancer. Blogging makes you an expert after which you become capable of gripping new freelancing projects. No upfront will be required while offering your services to audience.



By asking for a donation on your blog, it doesn’t mean that you are begging for money. Consider it as an ethical thing! If you have loyal readers for your blog to appreciate, they don’t mind buying you money. You can simply ask to make money from a blog. By adding payment method buttons like Paypal to your website, or features like email marketing integration, you can wait for the kindness of your readers and make money from your blog. Try to offer them something in return so that the chance of their revisit to your blog increases.

The Final Verdict

These are some of the best tips by which you can make money with your blog and are provably effective. All of them can be completely passive but always remember that you can make money from your blog only when your blog gains relevant traffic. You need to keep working for your blogging business in order to make money. Happy Blogging!

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