Rising Popularity of Netflix

If you are a movie buff, you must be receptive to a trending service, Netflix which has arrived as a utopia for people to watch movies. Time has changed the flow of watching movies and one can now enjoy the cinematic arts in their houses and rooms with full amenity. Gone is the time when people have to walk miles away to the video store and now you can easily stream the best movies to your television, PC and more simply with an internet connection. Ever wondered what could be more agreeable than reserving a movie online and then finding them in your mailbox in a couple of days? Yes, therising popularity of Netflix has contrived people to savor their own quality time smoothly.

This video-rental giant Netflix has transformed people’s nature by providing an online service offering unlimited rentals for one flat monthly rate without any late fees. This speck can’t be denied that Netflix services have optimized comfort by letting us hop the video store. What other plus points? Not only your money and time will get saved, but the service will also offer you a collection of arcane movies than anywhere else. Netflix thus has become a prudent choice for ravenous movie watchers across the nations. In such a situation, still, there are people who hesitate to join Netflix and have numerous queries related to it. On that note, the subscription of Netflix is a pact in itself and comes with various plans which cover the rental cost along with shipping in both directions. The subscribers need to pay on a monthly basis for each of the plan and apart from the payment process, there is a conversion of why or why not join Netflix. Alike the positive points, Netflix service has some downsides too that people dangle on the edge of signing up should be appreciative about.

Let’s discuss the pros first:


Undoubtedly, the cost of Netflix is cheaper than renting movies which have accelerated its user growth rate. It is a modest choice as compared to three movie shows in a week. You may have to spend the same amount of money in one night at a movie rental store as you will in a month using Netflix services. An economical approach than going to a movie hall!!


Not only affordable, but it is also unlimited. If you choose to be a member of Netflix, you will get an unlimited choice of movie, series or TV show by watching them multiple times unless you get satisfaction. The library offers over 100,000 different titles and consists of the biggest variety of films, shows and series to choose from.


Here comes the major positive factor of Netflix which has made it most prominent across the globe. There is no need to leave your place to enjoy movies or shows of your interest. By just having an internet connection, you can browse through many of the popular movie categories or TV shows and choose what you want to see. As simple as that!! Netflix offers TV shows which you have missed somehow to enjoy with one browse. Either you have a Smartphone, tabs, computer, TV or other media, you can stream from anywhere. It is very easy and this software lets you continue exactly where you left off. No need to worry if you forgot your last view, Netflix will remember that for you. Tremendous amenity it offers, isn’t it?

4.Best Movies

Netflix offers a vast collection of some of the best movies as it has many popular movie genres to flip through. Either you are fond of Drama, Action, Horror, Thrill or many more, Netflix has everything for you. It also has some old compilation of Netflix movies in the older classic category.

Coming to the cons:

1.New Releases

If you think you will find every new release on Netflix after it comes out, you might be wrong as it is a strangely tough task. Netflix will make you wait longer to watch the movies that have been missed by you in theaters. It is the most common complaint from the Netflix users that have come into the picture. So you may have to suffer the long wait for the new releases which you are dying to see until it gets available on Netflix.

2.Stuck without movies

There can be some instances that you will not have a movie at home depending on the package you have signed up with Netflix. Usually, the speed at which movies received and returned are quick and favorable but sometimes, due to bad planning on your part or non-arrival of the movie, you can get stuck without a movie and has to look for an alternative to it.

3.Additional Expense

Netflix streaming requires a minimum internet speed of 1.5mbps to get DVD video quality. But if you are lacking with this much speed, you need to spend money on the speed bang to enjoy the movies with the same quality.

4.Extra Device

You may have to spend more money on a device to get Netflix instant movie streaming. There are some extra devices available for which you have to pay separately.

The debate of Netflix over video stores has come up many times but Netflix popularity is due to its selection, economy and ease features. It is obvious that continuous addition to Netflix can make you homesick and you will definitely miss enjoying walking and having outdoor movie time with friends and family. But apart from that, Netflix has a vast variety of movies for the entire family and each member from child to old. Though there are many competitors that have come into existence challenging Netflix with their scheme and subscription options. One of them is Fortnite which is challenging Netflix at present. With Netflix, you can enjoy popular and not so popular movies which you wish to watch. You will never get bored when having Netflix as it has everything in its bucket and most importantly, you can enjoy your movies and shows without those aggravating commercials.

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