Some Bad Habits That Cause Hair Loss

Tired of shedding strands wherever you go? Almost everyone in the town is dealing with the classic case of excessive hair fall these past few months. However, we might not figure out what is causing it exactly. It could be the stress, lack of proper hair care routine, using wrong hair care products or just lack of proper diet.

Summing up everything, there can be numerous reasons that your hair may fall in bunches, well, your diet may play a big role. Not including proper nutrition and vitamins in your diet may cause your hair to fall and your skin to look monotonous. Moreover, not following a proper routine to nourish and protect your hair may also be the reason for loosing up to 200 strands per day or more. Your daily habits such as using wrong hair products or medications in a way to quick fix hair fall problems may make the conditions worse. And do you realize some of your daily habits can trigger hair fall. Here are some of your actions you perform knowingly or unknowingly that can lead to hair fall.

Poor diet
A balanced diet full of nutrients is not just good for your overall health but for your strands too. Including all the nutrition in your diet and adding in an additional boost with hair vitamins is the best way to keep your hair longer and stronger. You can also include hair supplements in your diet, these contain biotin, a kind of vitamin B that improves the natural structure of hair, restores keratin and increases hair growth. Biotin is naturally found in various fruits and vegetables such as bananas, soya bean, egg yolk and cauliflower.

Tight hairstyles
If you are the one who are fond of making tight hairstyles then you are likely to be more prone to hair fall. Tight hair styles directly affect your hair follicles causing a great damage to the hair follicles which makes it very difficult or impossible for your hair to grow back again. So go for loose hairstyles or keep your hair bands loose for tight hairstyles.

Iron deficiency
Iron deficiency and hair fall are both related to each other in many ways. Efficiency of iron causes low production of hemoglobin in blood which is the element responsible for carrying oxygen in blood causing growth and repair of body cells. Hence, iron stimulates the production of cells required for hair growth. Eating iron rich diet that includes broccoli, spinach and legumes will aid in promoting hair growth.

Over styling
With an increase in the trend of styling hair, everyone loves to style their hair in a unique and different way. Some go for witching between curly and straight hair or go for funky hair colors to be presentable. But doing all these includes the use of very strong chemicals and heating that poses havoc on your hair.  So, avoid using colors and heating as much as possible to prevent your hair from breakage.

Hot showers
Many of you may enjoy hot showers and spending a lot of time under them without knowing the impact of hot showers on your hair. They cause dehydration on your scalp that makes the hair brittle and dry resulting in more hair fall and damage.

Combing wet hair
Wet hair are more prone to breakage as they are more fragile than dry hair because the protective cuticle in wet hair is slightly raised. Hence, brushing or combing right after the shower makes your roots weak creating a perfect storm for snapping your locks out.

If you are on certain medications such as anti-depressants, anti-anxiety agents or thyroid replacement drugs then you are likely to hair fall as these might interrupt the normal cycle of hair growth along with numerous other changes, causing hair to go in a resting phase without any growth and premature loss.

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