The Most Effective Tips For Hair Removal You Need To Follow!

Smooth hair removal without pain is the all time goal for you gals! Trying numerous ways from waxing to shaving to laser to get rid of hair is the part of everyday story!  However, nothing works so well unless you follow some Do’s and don’ts for effective hair removal. You wax, trim, tweeze or laser away your unwanted locks from your body but failed to get the desired output then these tips for body hair removal will make your hair removal task much easier and painless. So keep reading below to get the smooth, fuzz-free skin in no time.

Consider your blade count
If you find your skin frequently feeling irritated or dry after shaving then the reason might be the blade. As it makes the sense to choose the razor with the higher blade count but it might be the reason your skin is not feeling hot. Three-bladed razors are recommended for females as five-bladed razors actually shave beneath the skin that causes skin problems like razor burn in females with sensitive skin.

Don’t mix formulas
There are varieties of wax available, all different for different parts of the body that do different hair removal jobs. Using one wax for all your hair removal needs would be a bad idea. Waxes are made according to the type of hair and the area where you will be waxing. So make sure you are using the right type of wax at right place to avoid inconvenience.

Exfoliate your skin
Most of the gals get bumps on their skin after waxing or shaving and many didn’t find the right way to prevent these bumps. However, preventing bumps is much easier than you think. Just exfoliate your skin the night before shaving your hair would prevent bumps and in grown hair. So next time you are going to do some hair removal, give your body a good scrub.

Use tools
For the beginners to hair removal these tips will help you out. Just apply a tooth numbing cream to the area you are going to wax 30 minutes before waxing to numb the area. You can also apply loose powder to soak up moisture on your skin so that the wax could stick to your skin properly.

Do not over wax
If you find some of your hair leftover while waxing, don’t try to remove them more than three times. It is recommended not to wax the same area over and over again that just make your skin irritated and increase the chances of ingrown hair.

Use Epilators
Using epilators for hair removals is the easiest and the quickest method and is basically same as electrical tweezers. Epilators tend to pull multiple hair at once so they are very effective but they seem to be painful until you are used to it. Before using an epilator keep in mind to exfoliate your skin the night before you are going to epilate and always epilate in the opposite direction of hair growth. Epilating and exfoliating in the opposite direction will prevent ingrown hair and leave you skin smooth and supple.

Use creams carefully
If you are the one who prefers creams for hair removal then you might consider some things. Creams are painless and are easy to use however they can irritate your skin. Keeping creams for long time on the hair removal area will not work any better and you must follow the maker’s directions before using them. Hair removal is the never ignored evil in our lives but fortunately we have loads of options! Just by keeping in mind the dos and don’ts to hair removal we can make the process go much smoother and easier. So, whether you shave, pluck, tweeze, wax, laser or dissolve your hair with cream, do it in a right way!

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  • April 4, 2019 at 12:05 am

    I liked that you pointed out that you should exfoliate your skin before shaving or waxing. That is good for me to know because I want to do some hair removal treatments before I go n a cruse this spring. It seems like I should see what type of exfoliation will work best with the type of treatment I want to do.


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