Top 10 Outstanding Healthcare Innovations

The medical regimen has gone so much progressive from few years that it now gives a view of more luxury hotel to a typical hospital. It all has been feasible due to deviation and customer experience. The healthcare innovation has revamped the medical treatment options which have made the life of both patients and doctors easier.

1.Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has allowed patients to get the required care at their home with comfort and they don’t need to travel miles for doctor’s consultation. With this innovation in healthcare, patients are now provided VR glasses and virtual coach who can put them through virtual plots to overcome their fears. The results of using this technology are effectively proven and there is many more to come. The technology can broaden to other mental health aids by making the health care process more conducive, easier and cost friendly.

2.Artificial Intelligence

This technology is capable to revolutionize everything related to healthcare. The anticipating analytics for examining patients has provided compelling financial savings. The major impact of Artificial Intelligence is may be in arranging and planning. This technology target hospital and other medical institutions to monitor patients and reprint notes for electronic health records. AI is considered to be most effective in healthcare industry. What this technology can enhance is ordering system, smart billing and flexible staffing for the comfort of patients. They no more suffer due to staff and billing process which is most hectic part in healthcare. Many of the hospitals have already started using AI powered medical coding program and resulted in improved billing speed and more accurate coding.

3.Internet of Things

Now we all can keep track of our fitness and health. The devices like smart watch and fitness trackers which are connected to Internet of Things are used for tracking. Doctors have also started using these fitness trackers to measure the activity levels of cardiac patients and suggest aids accordingly.


The telehealth market is also a great innovation in healthcare. As we are so much busy in our life that we can’t able to make our physical appearance for the medication process. This innovation has enabled the patients to be virtually seen from a distance at their comfort time zone. This has increases the accessibility and reduced the recovery lags and consequently boosted customer satisfaction and engagement of doctors & patients. The major benefit of this is in rural areas where doctors can’t be available on immediate basis.

5.Big Data

Data Analytics systems are used to record patient trends and get advantage of enormous amount of data in healthcare. The information collected can be used to analyze and monitor some of the important details. For e.g. GPS based inhalers are used to record trends and provide better treatment options for people having asthma. This reduces the manual sorting load into technical solution.


How Blockchain has become part of healthcare innovation? Well the answer to this question lies in its features. This technology helps in recording and storing of data in a suitable, cheaper and safe way among different applications. Blockchain provides clarity to data by removing the interference of third-parties which consequently lowers the health care costs. Blockchain is a proven cost saving solution due to the unlocking ability for providers and enhanced patient obligations.

7.Health Wearable 

Many of us suffer with multiple diseases e.g. diabetes due to the unbalanced lifestyle, people have started turning to health wearable for monitoring different activities like glucose, heart rate, physical activity and sleep so that they can get better understanding of their health conditions. It was started with first Bluetooth headset, wearable has analyzed monitoring our health and data becoming more regulated. The devices are based on the refined algorithms to drive long-term support. Many of companies have started exploring development of health solutions by providing clinical services motivating people to follow better health results.

8.Health Transportation

People often suffer lack of transportation and it has always remained a key issue. With the healthcare innovation, many transportation companies like Lyft or Uber have came into existence and have done partnerships with state government to lower the cost and deliver personalized patient care.

9.Feedback of employees

An innovation in healthcare has made the hospitals more customer-focused by opening doors to feedback. Presently many of the clinics allow employees to make recommendations on the improvement of patients and providers experience. Employees of all level are allowed to suggest new technology and innovation and sometimes awards grant money for them to make it happen.

10.Virtual Networks

Consultation with multiple doctors can cause lack of communication between the care team. As a result of which, many providers are heading towards virtual networks to connect the providers and break down the traditional granary of patient’s data. Seeing patients through a virtual network increase the rate of serving patients by providers.

Some of these healthcare innovations have enhanced the medical treatment process to a next level. More of the technologies are on the way which will raise the level of healthcare in future.

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