Top 5 Best Web Hosting Services for Small Business in 2019

Finding a best web hosting service for small or large business is a very crucial accord and should be handled accordingly as the quality of web host services determine user’s experience with your website. Your website can be enticing and easy navigation, but it all comes down to the hosting!

In simple words, you can’t afford to play wager with a web host as a wrong choice can affect you adversely. Many of the best web hosting services today offers a variety of different features that can often make your head spin if you are unsure about your choice. You need to figure out about the important features which you want and web hosting provider offers them or not.    

As web hosting service allows individuals to make their websites reachable and viewable over the World Wide Web. With the onset of web hosting services, businesses were able to make time for their important activities and let their systems be sleek for more effective operations and higher productivity.

Here are top 5 best web hosting services suggested for small business in 2019


Pricing: $2.75/month – $289/month

HostGator is a Houston based provider of shared, reseller, virtual private server and dedicated web hosting. It is a top supported web hosting provider and is best for overall hosting services & cheap hosting packages.

Its features include – beginner friendly, feature-rich service with inimitable uptime of almost 100%. It offers various types of hosting including shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud & reseller. Hostgator does not offer any array of email support and have only phone and live chat feature. It is recommended for its large number of servers and constant trustworthiness. If you have a cheap choice of hosting service, Hostgator should be your choice.

Best web hosting service for small business!           


Pricing: $6.39/month – $589.99/month

InMotion is another best web hosting service best known for shared and VPS hosting. Though it is not the cheapest one, but still is good in terms of security, support, and storage space on offer.

The plans of this web hosting provider are forthright and are similar with each other. Apart from this, it has best customer support service and has got its own website builder. The types of hosting on offer are – shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud, reseller and WordPress! If you are searching for a web hosting with an incredible customer support, choose InMotion for sure

Favorite web hosting service pick for small businesses!


Pricing: $3.95/month – $729/month

SiteGround is the best web hosting provider having fair vigor. What you will get in this web hosting service is adaptability across different CMS with single click installation, free email accounts and daily backups.

This web hosting is best for shared & cloud hosting, dedicated, VPS, reseller, businesses and WordPress. It is also one of the three most recommend web host of WordPress and is a kind of ruler in shared hosting. If you think there is a chance that you will need to upgrade to some serious hosting power once you generate lot of traffic, SiteGround is a great option with 24/7 customer support across all channels.

Rich in knowledge base, well organized and great option for businesses to grow!

4.WP Engine

Pricing: $35/month – $290/ month, custom priced

WP Engine is the best web hosting service option specifically for WordPress websites. This web hosting is best for WordPress as well as high traffic blogs. Indeed it is the best choice for managed WordPress hosting.

WP Engine provides an outstanding product and it is a bit expensive than the other web hosting providers. Some of its features includes – site migrations, automated SSL certificates, content performance, free page performance and more. Being a managed WordPress host, this web hosting provides service to WordPress users.

Want a fiery site with automatic care? Choose WP Engine!


Pricing: $2.59/month – $13.75/month

DreamHost is a cheap option among the web hosting service providers and it is best for shared hosting and cheap hosting packages. It is built with completely custom control panel for managing the website.

Moreover, this web hosting is considered as the best choice for brand new sites. In addition to shared and managed WordPress hosting, DreamHost offers various upgrades to VPS and cloud hosting. Additionally its customer service is a bit less conventional, which means you can contact to email 24/7 but the chat is only available during the business hours.   

One of the best recommended web hosting service for small business!

There are many ways to look out for the best web hosting providers. You can check out to discussions and forums where related topics are being discussed. It is quite complicated because there are thousands of web hosting geeks around, who offers their hosting service with a claim of “best web hosting service provider.”

Also, there are some of the facts that you should consider while dealing with the hosting yourself. These include physical server, memory & space, reliability & connection of networks, FTP access, cost, support, bandwidth, guarantee etc. But you can choose and select the best suitable for you by following steps and accessing your requirements.

Approach your needs and only by this you can get to the best hosting service among all the other web hosting freaks.  You can try the above mentioned top web hosting services for your business depending on your budget!

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