Top 5 Fashion Tips for Summer

The summer time of the year is here and it’s time to refresh our wardrobes with the more casual, colorful and lighter clothes. Light summer clothes are lovely and fun to wear due to breeziness of their fabrics. The summer styling you are going to choose should make you feel lighter and cooler and take care of the trend as well. In these bright sun weather bright colors, prints and pastel all look amazing and you can do fun with fashion.

Many people get confused on how to dress for summer which makes them look good in such hot temperature. Summer fashion doesn’t require much of the efforts and some of the fashion hacks never go out of style. Though world of fashion is constantly on change as the brands keep on releasing innovative product ranges in this tough climate. Here are some of the fashion tips for summer which you can follow to keep yourself trendy and cool.

1.Prefer loose clothes

Don’t choose discomfort for the sake of styling. Summer fashion partly means to keep you cool with some of the best options. Wear loose fitting clothes which keep you cool and comfortable too. Any of your choice which is causing uneasiness is not the right fashion for you. Instead of skintight clothes, choose a blowy one like skirts, tops, dresses, rompers etc.

2.Go for light colors

Light colors have better summer omen and will keep you cool throughout the day. Dark colors absorb more heat and doesn’t provide you that light airy ambience. Whatever you wear is most importantly depends on how you carry it. White is the most preferred color in summers and comes in various designs like prints, floral which looks graceful and keep you cool in this hot weather. Other than white, pink, turquoise, sea green and sunny yellow can be good option.

3.Natural Fibers

Fibers like cotton and linen are the best options for summer as they are light and absorb sweat from your body too. Cotton T-shirts are a great casual option that works with everything and fawn your body shape too. You can also wear off-shoulder tops which look stylish in every manner and never go outdated. Also avoid any kind of ornamentation into the clothes, instead choose patterned garment which adds same kind of interest to your outfit.


Your accessories should match your attire perfectly to highlight the look of dress. Escape the heat with a wide hat which will add magnificence to your youthful tinge. In footwear section, you can choose sneakers or summer sandals as per your comfort. Always carry a small handbag with you in summers as big backpack will strive you and make you sweaty most of the time. Don’t ever wear loads of jewelry into this hot climate as they cause trouble and stick to the skin.


Due to excessive heat and sweat in summers, make up doesn’t stay for a long duration. Sometimes it causes reaction to the skin and the gets burn out due to harmful rays of sun causing irritation and allergies. In summers, go for natural make-up always and use the water-resistant products product which don’t get affected by sweat and ruin your look. Don’t try to apply ton of make-up when stepping outside and keep it light and natural. To make your skin glowing, drink more and more of water and keep washing your face on regular basis to remove sweat. Always carry a moisturizer with you to keep your skin hydrated and highlighter to lighten your skin.

Apart from all these hacks, you should also take care of some of the other factors. Some of the people feel swelling in feet during summer and for this, you are suggested to buy a large size. The fabric choice can be leather, canvas and suede which will fit comfortably. You can also revive your dresses for the perfect summer look without investing money on buying new ones like ling skirts can be cut to short, pants can be converted to shorts and long blazers into crop jackets. You can use scarf for the elegance of your dress as it will absorb heat and you can also tie up your hair with it to beat the heat waves. Also if you are comfortable, try to wear full or quarter sleeves to avoid tanning and arms skin damage. If you are planning for a holiday on beach or any of the open surfaces, carry sunglasses with you which will give a grace to your style and keep your eyes protected from the harmful rays of sun. They also come in various color and shapes which you can select as per your choice. If you are choosing to wear shorts, make its look decent and choose printed or patterned top with it. Denim is also a great choice for summer styling and you can have denim skirt or pant with printed or pattered top.

As a summary, always keep your dressing light and colorful so that you feel comfortable while carrying it. Avoid using fabric that stick to your body in hot temperature or absorb more heat inside and use light and bright colors to shine in this summer. Stay elegant with all these fashion tips!!

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