Ways to Battle Stress of Everyday Life

What is stress?

Stress is a tension of your whole being both physically and emotionally. It is your reaction to any events, activities, and thoughts that are causing too many emotions.

In this world of technology and gadgets, stress is getting one of the daily facts of life. Stress is getting bigger and bigger and becoming unstoppable. It lurks in every corner and in every turn. As much as you want to avoid it, there will come a time in your life that you will become vulnerable to stress. It comes in different shapes, shades, and forms. You will never know it is there until you realize that everything is no longer normal… that everything is out of proportion… everyday living is too overwhelming to handle. It is becoming a part of life which is so alarming. Sadly, nowadays, more and more are defeated.

Stress has become a battle for everyone. This is a battle that each and every one of us should fight. And this fight should start with our own self, our own being. In this article, I am going to share with you what are the best weapons I have to fight off this so-called “battle” which we know as stress. In my X years of existence, I can say that I have battled my way out of stress beyond the word many times that I myself could never imagine that I was able to win the battles. So, I am hoping that through this I can somehow give light on someone’s dark days.

The first and most important thing is always your mindset. Your outlook in life is always the most powerful weapon that you can have. Always look at the world full of optimism. Never acknowledge the words disappointments and rejections instead think of it as your motivation to strive and reach whatever goal you have in your mind and whatever desires you have in your heart. Call me a masochist, but that is my way of battling and handling stress. The more rejections and disappointments hurled my way the more I strive more to defeat them in which at the end of the day I can always say “Wow! I made it!” I always looked back at it with a cool and relaxed smile on my face.

The second is the people whom you love the most. A simple hug and a smile from them make you crave to enjoy every second of your daily life and look forward to every single moment of it. Surround yourself with the people you consider one of the reasons for your existence. Let yourself be carried to the beauty of giving love and being loved. Call me a shallow person and living in fantasy but that’s what it is. Give yourself freely to love as love is the pure and best healer of all. I tell you with love around you, you would be loving every tick and tack of your existence.

The third is to do the things which you think will make you productive and somehow gives you a feeling of satisfaction and success. Do some things that will make you feel relaxed and loving the life that you have. For most people, just like me, being with nature is the best thing to feel relaxed. If you are the type of person that loves nature but not the adventurous type then the best thing for you to have is to create a garden of your own where you can sit peacefully and enjoy the flowers and plants around you. If you are a person who loves to garden then creating and making your own garden is the perfect thing to do. There are some sites that you can visit like nazflora.org which provides lots of information about how to come up with the best garden at an affordable price. Imagine yourself being able to enjoy something that you created. Imagine yourself, sitting peacefully and enjoying the colorful flowers, the sounds of the birds, the colorful butterflies. It’s picture-perfect!

Fourth is music. There is nobody in the whole wide world who is not soothed by a piece of music. Can you name one? For me, I am definitely sure I could not name one as I have never encountered anyone who is not bewitched by music. Listening to your favorite songs is purely magic. Music is considered to be healing magic even dating a thousand years way back. It does not only heal the heart but it also heals the soul. Imagine yourself just doing nothing but simply listening to the rhythm and tune of the songs. Purely heaven!

The last and final one for me is a sweet and bright smile. Smiling and laughing is what I love to do, it relieves me of all tension. So, always give your smile to everyone as it not only heals yourself but it somehow heals the person receiving it. Anyway, it is free. When you smile, all the positivities in life radiate in your whole being that tends to block any negativities and stress along the way.


The above-mentioned are my way of battling off stress. Each and every one of us has our own way of dealing with stress. What I am sure though that at the end of the day it is ourselves who are going to decide and dictate what is the best thing we can do to battle the stress of everyday life. I am just hoping that we be kind to everybody may it be a stranger or someone so close to us. You will never know the kindness you give could somehow save the person from fully falling into the pit of depression caused by stress. Be kind. Always!

Enjoy the privilege to be able to walk on this earth because a lot more people are longing to be given a chance to extend the privilege of existing. And not everyone has that chance!

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