What is flatulence – its symptoms, causes and a natural flatulence treatment!

Smelly flatulence is not an unfamiliar concept though! But not every one of us is familiar with the real facts of flatulence or excessive gas and don’t take it on a serious note until it cause any serious problem. Let’s discuss the facts about it!

Some brief about Flatulence 

Flatulence is defined as the state of having an enormous stomach or intestinal gas that gets released with sound or foul odor. You can also consider it as the passing of gas from the digestive system and also termed as the passing of gas or farting. 

Many of the times, normal farting gets overlooked as it does not cause you any trouble. But excessive foul-smelling flatulence can make you feel embarrassed or humiliated in public places. People can even avoid you due to the smelly odors.

Though farting is a biological process that a person used to experience on a regular basis. It is okay if you have a habit of passing wind a few times a day, but when it exceeds the daily limit, there is a matter of concern! 

What are the causes of Flatulence?

Talking about the causes of smelly odors, there are many factors that are believed to be responsible for this. Here are some of the causes explained:

  • During the absorption process of food, water or saliva, a small amount of air also gets swallowed and gets composed in the digestive tract. Also when your food gets digested, gases also get built up and the body of a person needs to get rid of it. Either through farting or burping!
  • Most of the time, the gases released are odorless and in small quantities. But what about the rotten eggs smell? Do you know why the farts have that bad smell? This is due to the presence of sulfur in it! The breakdown of undigested food or the items having a high amount of sulfur in it can cause a foul smell.
  • Excessive flatulence can also be related to some health issues affecting the digestive systems like indigestion or irritable bowel syndrome. Other issues include malabsorption of certain foods or lactose intolerance.


How one can identify the symptoms of smelly flatulence? If you have an increased frequency of excessive passing gas, smelly gas production, burping, abdominal bloating, abdominal pain, or any kind of discomfort, you may be a victim of excessive gas. Some other symptoms include cramps, diarrhea, constipation, fever, nausea, vomiting, and right side abdominal pain.

Diagnosis of smelly flatulence

There are not any specific guidelines to identify the symptoms and you have to recognize your own. If your frequency of passing gas becomes more than regular, you need to consult your doctor. The diagnosis can be done by a health care professional after observing the history of the patient and physical exam.


One of the common and easiest natural and home remedies for flatulence can be made by making some simple changes into the diet as well as lifestyle. You need to avoid the food items that are responsible for causing chronic flatulence into the body. Considering medical treatments, it includes antibiotic treatment and probiotics in the diet. You also make habit of eating smaller and more frequent meals on a regular basis, eating on a slow basis and doing regular exercise. 

A Natural Home Remedy

There is a modern home remedy for bad smelling gas that is specifically designed to reduce the intensity of gas and its related odors. Out of other treatments, Flatu-Scents is an effective treatment introduced in the form of fart pills that helps to get rid of foul and smelly odors. It is a natural and vegan supplement that has the finest natural ingredients as its components and is free from any chemical components.

Flatu-Scents is a new and effective flatulence treatment that targets excessive flatulence, reduces gastrointestinal symptoms and improves the foul or smelly odors. The pills treat the issue at its source, lessens the intestinal gas & pressure while improving the scent of the expelled gas. Even when you are suffering from bloating or uncomfortable gas, Flatu-Scents is a natural solution that provides you a bit of relief from cringe-worthy odors. Only one does of it can neutralize the foul odor and masks it with a pleasing rose scent. 

What makes Flatu-Scents a best choice?

Most importantly, the supplement is made up of completely natural ingredients and so you will not have any risks of side-effects. Additionally, the capsules have a very affordable price and will not cost you much like other treatments. Other than that these pills can be consumed as per the convenience of a person, i.e. before, with or after meals. Flatu-Scents also reduces the intestinal gas pain & pressure and transforms the foul smell into a light and pleasing rose scent smell. Whether you are at the workplace, a party, in lift or at a special date, just one dose of these pills helps you to get a solution of how to make your farts smell better.

Flatu-Scents is designed to make your social situations more comfortable by addressing the common issue that affects people worldwide. By reducing the gas pain & pressure, it promotes more pleasing and rosy smell odors.

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