What is Trigger Finger? Get a Natural Cure for Trigger Finger

Overview of Trigger Finger 

Trigger Finger is a condition in which your fingers or thumb gets stuck in a locked or bent position. It can cause any digits of your hand to lock while opening or closing it. Your finger gets bent or straightens with a cinch, similarly like a trigger being pulled and released. 

The medical term for trigger finger is known as stenosing tenosynovitis and the occurrence is due to the inflammation tightening the space within the sheath surrounding the tendon in the affected finger. Trigger finger can be strict, making the finger locked in a bent position. Seeking this risk factor, trigger finger treatment becomes essential. 

For those who are involved in repeated gripping action work, trigger finger conditions are more likely to develop. Moreover, women are more exposed to this condition and it also affects acutely to the patients suffering from underlying health conditions. 

What are the Symptoms Involved?

Ranging from mild to critical, the symptoms vary to every individual!

  • Finger rigidity in the morning 
  • A snapping or clicking sensation while moving finger
  • A knock in the palm at the base of the affected finger 
  • Caching or locking of finger in a bent position, which suddenly cracks straight 
  • Finger get locked in a bent position and unable to get straighten 

Trigger finger condition can result in affecting any finger, thumb, more than one finger, or both hands. Also, it is very obvious in the morning, while grasping an object or trying to straighten your finger.

What Causes Trigger Finger?

Trigger Finger occurs when the tendon sheath of the affected finger becomes inflamed or irritated. This results in the intrusion with the normal slide motion of the tendon through the sheath. This is the main cause responsible for trigger finger condition.
However, the extended irritation of the tendon sheath can produce scarring, thickening, and bump creation in the tendon, hindering the tendon’s motion.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Trigger Finger, in most of the cases, occur due to repetitive or extended gripping of hands. Also, people who have diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis have a high risk of trigger finger as well. Whatever the reason be, but trigger finger can restrict the daily activities of a person and makes the cure quite essential.

The diagnosis of trigger finger does not require any devised testing! It will be based on medical history and physical exam by the health professional which includes the opening and closure of your hand and investigating the pain areas, motion precision, locking evidence.

Talking about the treatment options, it depends on the duration and condition of the trigger finger for every patient. The options include medications like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, therapy options like resting/ splinting or stretching exercises, and steroid injections or a surgical procedure to get it cured. But people prefer to avoid rushing for risky surgery treatments and would like to go for home treatment methods.

Trigger Finger Wand – A Safe Option

If you are too looking for a natural cure for trigger finger, Trigger Finger Wand is an absolute must! It is an inexpensive alternative to surgery introduced in the market offering a safe, easy, and painless cure method simply from your home. Taking a new & effective approach for the ultrasound and far-infrared radiation to reduce the inflammation in the tendon sheaths, the product allows the tendon to move freely again and getting rid of the popping sensation of the finger. Additionally, it also gives the finger the ability to get it straightened and bend more easily. No side-effects and no scars to the body like surgeries while using this home treatment for trigger finger.

Using the Trigger Finger Wand is very easy and it can be even reused over and over again for years. Being painless and effective cure method, it prevents the persistent locking of fingers. The wand provides trigger finger treatment at home and is considered much better than the doctor visits. Available at the affordable price range, the wand works great with Trigger Finger tape for the treatment. No need to go under the surgery process with Trigger Finger Wand as a safe option!

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