What is Web Hosting? How does it affect Your Website Traffic?

Ever wondered how a web page makes its way to the internet? To make a web page exposed to the world, a professional needs to employ the service of a web host to accommodate the web page. In short, to build a web site, you need a secure name server and data space that can be accessed online and this is what a web host offers you.

What do web hosting services mean?

Simply, a web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website reachable via the World Wide Web.  If you want your website to go online for user’s browsing, you need a host server to store all your pages & files and make them handy to internet users. Some people get confused between domain registration & web hosting, but there is a difference between these both. Domain registration is a website that registers your domain name or URL of your site whereas web hosting is culpable for maintaining your files & accounts for public access.

If you are new to websites and building your business online, you may have heard about web hosting, but not all necessarily know what exactly it is. Web hosting is when you purchase the space on the server to hold your website files. The files on which website is made up of, need to be stored somewhere for available access to your site.

How will you compare web hosting available while picking up the best for you?  The answer is quite simple. Many factors need to be considered like uptime, unlimited bandwidth & disk space, 24*7 support and most importantly those who offer a reasonable price. As web hosting service host website associated with their customers, the most important aspect is “security”. When you choose a web hosting provider, you must consider the safety prospect on a serious note as you are handing over control of your site’s security to the hosting site.

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How does web hosting affect your website traffic?

Now that you are familiar with the complete web hosting procedure, let us discuss how web hosting effects the traffic of your website. If we talk about web hosting comparisons, a good web hosting greatly influence your user traffic on the website. While you consider factors like disk space, security, scripting languages, have you wonder if you have missed out on something? The answer is yes! One major factor – bandwidth location must be considered when you compare web hosting offerings.

Here are some of the effects a slow or fastest web hosting services on the website’s traffic explained in detail.


Is your site take more than 2 seconds to load? If so, then you may lose potential visitors. Not only this, the bounce rate of the website will increase which directly affects search engine rankings. Every viewer expects and prefers a quick loading website and if he has to wait, switching to a better option is evident. Loading time is a perceptive factor in determining the notoriety of a website.

But what if you have an optimized site? What is the reason you are not getting the expected results? It precisely lacks at the web host’s end. Your web host may either increase or decrease the load time of the website, so do quick research by exploring for independent reviews & speed tests. Less load time means a high volume of traffic.

2.Domain Name

When you target your website globally, you generally use domain extensions like .com or .org which rank higher on global search engines. In otherwise case suppose you have a peculiar targeted country for your site, buying a country-specific domain will help you boost traffic for the website. Almost every country has its unique domain extension which you can buy for your website.

You may wonder if top-level domains are not worthy! This is not true, however. You can purchase them as well if you have a global audience as the target but it will be very tough for your site to rank high for other country-specific search engines. You will surely get huge traffic by choosing unique domain extensions.

3.Never go for shared hosting

Maybe an economic solution, but not the effective one! In shared hosting, you will be sharing a web server with other websites which means resources for that server will be shared by all the websites in it. Hence, the biggest disadvantage will be spamming. How? The search engines use the same IP address of all websites in a particular server and the risk of getting blocked or banned by Google may rise.

Shared web hosting gives priority to higher package paying clients and it may happen that you don’t receive a response from the support system. The dedicated hosting packages will be served first. Also, the performance will not be up to the mark due to the huge data of multiple websites on the server. Other cons include low speed, lack of security, less scalability which powers you to go for dedicated hosting.

4.Web Hosting Server Location

The server location is another compelling factor to drive geo-targeted traffic. Either you have traffic targeted country USA, UK or any other, hosting your website on specific servers will help in bringing all that relevant traffic very easily.  You can also take help in speeding up your website in different countries, but simply hosting a site on the targeted country’s server will help you gain enough traffic.

The search engine bots will determine the location of your server and your site will get load faster in the specific targeted country. Consequently, you will get a high ranking in search engines, and huge traffic specifically from your targeted country.

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