Which Skincare Products you Should Invest and Should Save this Summer?

Beauty is a hoppy as well as a habit that every woman needs. We shouldn’t forget to take care of ourselves from things like applying sunscreen to eye cream… if we want to have a healthy, smooth skin. However, not all women know how to use lotions appropriately, such as which ones need to buy expensive ones, which ones just need to buy a normal one? So in the skincare process, which step should you save money and how much will you spend on it?

Which products you should save?

1. Sunscreen

Everyone needs to wear sunscreen regardless of the weather, sunny, hot or cold, because it helps the skin fight the damaging effects of the sun – the cause of aging and skin cancer. This is the type of cosmetic that you have to use every day with a large amount for your face, neck, arms (places that will be exposed to sunlight) so often quickly, but every time you have to buy it, you need to pay attention. to sunscreen prices. Do not buy too expensive or you will quickly “inflamed bag” with this must-have cosmetics.

Moreover, not every expensive type is good. To have a standard sunscreen, you need to read through the ingredients in sunscreen that are suitable for your skin or not, have a sun protection effect on the temperature of your place or do not float under water if you go swimming or not? Don’t forget to wash your face in the evening to remove sunscreen during the day.There are plenty of ways for you to save money on makeup. One of the best things you can do is to look for beauty coupons, deals, promo codes,… Even designer brands like MAC and Lush, which are mentioned all the time on beauty blogs, offer many hot deals and promos.

2. Daily moisturizer

This is especially true for oily skin because you already have the skin’s natural moisture. The effect of moisturizer is also to protect and maintain healthy skin with the effects of the external environment. Moreover, there are many sunscreen products with moisturizing ingredients for the skin, so you can combine the two effects in one product to save relatively budget.

However, if you have dry skin and really need to be moisturized regularly, an expensive bottle of moisturizer is not wasteful.You absolutely do not have to pay much money if you know how to spend money properly. If you discover an excellent bargain by combining discounts with sales, grab everything you wish and wait until the subsequent opportunity. To create sure you do not miss any great deals, join up for email updates for your favorite brands, and that they will send you updates about sales or promos.

3. Face Cleanser

If you have normal, flawless skin and don’t have skin problems like acne or oil, then there’s no need to waste money on expensive, special cleansers. Just a gentle cleanser to ensure the removal of dirt on your face is fine. But if you have skin problems like acne, you will need a cleanser with special ingredients and of course, a higher price.

4. Eye cream

The advice for eye cream is that you should start using it at the age of 20 onwards (less than 20 there is no need to waste money on this type of cosmetic). The eye cream that helps to supply the required moisture to the eye area. If you retain the moisture you need, your eyes will be less likely to wrinkle as you age. If you regularly use eye cream, the skin around the eyes will have better elasticity (you can smile and then the skin under the eyes will still return to the original position). A cucumber-based eye cream that can soften the skin, a cocoa butter ingredient that moisturizes the eyes, or the green tea ingredients in an eye cream that can help reduce the buildup of blood vessels under the eyes ( causes dark circles).

5. Lip balm

What you need for your lip balm is the vitamin E ingredient. It can help your lips fight the damaging effects of sunlight, pollution, and the formation of wrinkles on the lips. So do not waste money buying lip balm with many ingredients, just buying the right lipstick with the necessary ingredients is enough for healthy lips.

What products you should invest?

1. Serum

Serum is a cosmetic you can use all day (morning and evening) for a more beautiful skin. It helps your skin absorb the essence from lotions deeply and keeps it longer in the skin. Long-term use of serum, you will see your skin improve differently. The composition of the serum is different from that of other lotions so virtually no cosmetics contain serum. So do not combine the effects of serum and cream into one product to save money. Buy green tea, olive, and coconut oil serums because they have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects (because it helps your skin fight off pollutants from the outside environment). can destroy collagen and make skin firmer).

2. Investment: Anti-aging cream

If you don’t want to use a serum, at least use an anti-aging cream at bedtime. Because when you sleep, cells will regenerate and produce new cells. You need to find creams with Vitamin E, vitamin C to help moisturize, brighten the skin or Vitamin A will reduce the accumulation of bacteria that cause acne so your skin will be smoother.

3. Investment: Exfoliating cream

There are many gentle exfoliating solutions on the market that can help you remove the dead skin that forms on the skin after a day of exposure to the outside environment. But if you want to deeply wash away the dirt and oil that build up deep in your pores (which causes acne and dull skin), you need more advanced exfoliating creams with ingredients. Special treatment such as glycolic or lactic acid to exfoliate the most thoroughly.

4. Discretionary spending: Masks

For skincare masks, you need to choose a mask that suits your skin’s needs. For example, if you just want to provide the skin with necessary moisture, balance the skin or detoxify, to brighten the skin, then you only need to buy inexpensive natural masks such as cucumber masks, masks yogurt, clay mask … And if you want to use a mask to rejuvenate the skin, firm the skin or slow down the aging process, you need to use more advanced masks containing ingredients. Special treatment such as gold, fresh collagen, serum ….

5. Discretionary spending: Body moisturizer

If you find your skin has enough moisture (oily skin, normal skin …) then you do not need to waste money to buy body lotions. If your skin is dry, then make a habit of using body lotion for smooth, healthier skin.

Hoping the above information that can help you in finding the best skincare product this summer.

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